1337f0x is a new character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Like in Smashtasm, he is a hacker, but unlike other hackers, 1337f0x is a protagonist. He plays as Fox in his standard outfit. 1337f0x stayed with Super64, Pichu, and the Heroes of Legend until he was kidnapped by the Gear Hack Force. Luckily, he is freed when Goku flings Psycho Kirby onto the dropblock that prevents 1337f0x from escaping from the inside. In Season 14, 1337f0x is one of the first people to become one of Pandoria's Battle Zombies.


1337f0x is a hacker, but he uses them for fun, not evil. These are all his hacks so far.

  • A Cracker Launcher that fires Smash Balls instead of the usual firecrackers


  • 1337f0x is the only hacker to be a protagonist.