Android 17


Super Android 17

Android 17 is an android created by Dr. Gero, a former fighter at the Glitz Pit, and a neutral character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover since, despite helping the heroes on occassion, he does not actively fight for either side, though he becomes a protagonist along with Android 18 by the start of the Time Eater Arc. Android 17 helps the heroes during Yami Bakura's siege by destroying his clones. Later, Android 17 and Android 18 fight Orochimaru in order to protect Samus Aran, but are unable to stop him from kidnapping her. Android 17 then attempts to stop Ganondorf from infecting the Heroes of Legend with the cannibal virus, but Ganondorf proceeds to break Android 17's neck and blasts his side, before tossing him away. Android 17 manages to survive though, and saves his sister from Ganondorf's explosive death. In Season 23, Android 17 sacrifices his life by keeping Mechtavius Destroyer in place so Goku's Spirit Bomb can hit him. Unfortunately, Mechtavius Destroyer survives unscathed, making Android 17's sacrifice in vain. Luckily, Android 17 is revived following the complete revival of Mechtavius Destroyer. Unfortunately, Android 17 is later abducted by the villains, who forcibly transform him into Super Android 17, engulfing him in the evil within his soul. Later, Android 17 is betrayed by Android 18, who kills and absorbs him without hesitation. Due to Drago altering the past, Android 17 is revived and isn't transformed into Super Android 17. However, it is revealed in Season 30 that Android 17 still has the ability to transform into his Super form.


Android 17 is depicted in his original attire from DBZ. During his time at the Glitz Pit, he wore a brown jacket over this outfit.


Android 17 avoids fights against stronger foes, and will usually intervene when they are weakened. However, Android 17 is a rebellious person, and refuses to take orders from anyone.

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