443px-Haos Aranaut2

Aranaut in Bakugan Form

Haos Aranaut Open

Aranaut in Ball Form

Aranaut was the Guardian Bakugan of Fabia Sheen, and a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. When Fabia became the queen of Neathia, she gave Aranaut to Commander Elright, but was returned to Fabia when she returned to Earth, though she promised to return Aranaut to Elright when she returns. Aranaut has 900 Gs, and his Battle Gear is Battle Crusher. In Season 23, Aranut returns to Neathia after witnessing Fabia brutally murder the Pecking Order. However, he decides to assist his friends in the fight against Mechtavius Destroyer, but is killed by the psychopath along with Tremblar, Blade Tiggrera, and Zombie Wasp. However, Aranaut and Blade Tiggrera are revived by Spyron at Kodokor's behest. In Season 28, Aranaut becomes angered after BEN kills Fabia, and is killed defending Kirby from a furious Mechtavius Destroyer. However, Aranaut is revived after he is released from his stasis pod in Mechtavius Destroyer, and narrowly escapes from Mechtavius Destroyer due to the explosion Fabia used as a diversion


  • Aranaut, along with Drago, Reptak, and Mutant Elfin, are the only non-Darkus Bakugan used by the Heroes of Legend.

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