Audition 2: Artificial Beings is the second Super Smash Bros. Crossover Audition Video. The theme of this video is that all the characters are artificial beings in one way or another.

Characters FeaturedEdit

Artificial BeingsEdit

Anubias (In human disguise and true form)

Sellon (In human disguise and true form)

Android 17

Android 18

Dr. Eggman's RobotsEdit

E-102 Gamma

E-123 Omega

Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic



Surprise CharacterEdit

Metal Sonic (Modern and Classic)


  • At every intermission, the Eye of XANA can be seen. This is fitting, since XANA is an artificial intelligence. This would later be reused in Audition 3: Good Vs. Evil and Mecha Sally Audition, though with the latter video the Eye of XANA only appeared during buildup and at the intermissions.


Super Smash Bros01:25

Super Smash Bros. Crossover Audition 2 Artificial Beings

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