Azula is one of the main characters in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Upon her debut, Azula is an antagonist like she is in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Azula was in an asylum at first because she was insane, but was broken out by Sasuke Uchiha and oddly enough, after that Azula was no longer insane. Later, Azula joins the heroes, temporarily betrays them, but then returns to them. Azula fought Fabia Sheen in Season 13, but was pushed to the brink of defeat before Ren Krawler took over while Azula left. However, Azula, along with William Dunbar, are possessed by XANA. However, Azula is freed by Naruto Uzumaki. Azula, William, Gohan, and Ben Tennyson later assist Naruto in assaulting the villains' doomship. Azula battles Bowser and wins, and later tries to remove the electrodes from Naruto, but is shocked by them. Azula later watches the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. At the end of Fight to the Finish, she tells Samus Aran, who is being put in an asylum, that it isn't so bad. In Season 22, Azula, Ben, and William secretly follow Gohan and Crash Bandicoot, as they know they don't stand a chance against the Dark Heroes of Legend. Later, Azula betrays her friends for unknown reasons and steals 3 of the Battle Suits from Spectra Phantom. In Season 23, Azula goes after William at Dr. Doom's command, with the latter eager to make her pay for betraying them. In Season 24, it is revealed that Azula was being possessed by XANA the whole time. In Season 25, Azula is roboticized by Dr. Eggman to strengthen XANA's grip over her, and makes her the operating system of a machine based off XANA's symbol. In Season 25, Azula is freed when Dragonoid Destroyer uses his power to deroboticize her.

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