Bakugan Battle Suits are devices that were created by Spectra Phantom to enhance a Bakugan's battling capabilities (hence the name). The Battle Suits have been used by both the heroes and the villains since Season 20.

List of Battle Suits and Bakugan UsersEdit


Defendtrix is a Battle Suit that is unique as it possesses an E.M.P.S. (Electro Magnetic Pulse System), which can disable other Battle Suits.

  • Users: Fusion Dragonoid (Drago) and a Pyrus Iron Dragonoid


Combustoid is a Battle Suit with tremendous power. When the Battle Suits were being deleted by Wiseman, Combustoid was the only one of the newer Battle Suits that wasn't deleted.


Clawbruk is a Battle Suit that is capable of unleashing a barrage of lasers with only one blast. This Battle Suit, along with Fortatron, is one of the only Battle Suits that have 4 legs rather than 2.

  • Users: Radizen, Kodokor, Mutabrid, Worton, Razenoid, and Blade Tiggrera


Fortatron is a Battle Suit with twin blasters from the "tail" of the suit. Fortatron, along with Clawbruk, is the only other Battle Suit with 4 legs rather than 2.


Blasterate is one of the earlier Battle Suits that Spectra developed. It can unleash mini blasters from the back of the suit.

  • Users: Taylean, Boulderon, and Radizen


Doomtronic is one of the earlier Battle Suits that Spectra developed. Doomtronic is practically a living arsenal, as it has multiple cannons that can be used all at once.


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