Banana Bomb

Banana Bomb


-The Banana Bomb's catchphrase

Originally, the Banana Bomb served as a running gag and would pop up at inappropriate moments just to blow up in someone's face. However, in Season 8, the Banana Bomb became a member of the Pecking Order. The Banana Bomb serves as a secondary antagonist in Season 14. It is the lowest ranked member of the Pecking Order. In Season 23, the Banana Bomb is revealed to be a creepypasta. Later, the Banana Bomb is killed by Fabia Sheen, who eats him since he is a banana. In his final act, the Banana Bomb tried to explode, but it was ineffective. Despite his death in Season 23, the Banana Bomb returns in Season 29, arguing with the other villains. However, the Banana Bomb is later erased from existence by Sonic the Hedgehog along with the other villainous creepypastas.


  • The Banana Bomb is the first member of the Pecking Order to appear.

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