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Batman, whose true identity is Bruce Wayne, is the protector of Gotham City, a member of the Justice League, and a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 37. Ever since his parents were murdered, Batman has made it his personal mission to eliminate all crime in the world. However, after learning that Ryuk has written the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, the Revolutionaries, and the League of Villains' names in the Death Note to die at the end of their natural lifespans, Batman joined the Heroes of Legend as a mentor and reserve member in order to help them recreate Master Hand's ideal world before they die. Eventually, after Master Hand's corruption, Batman's motivation changes to helping the Heroes of Legend regain their trust in the Smash World and to atone for allowing Kabuto Yakushi to manipulate him.


Conflict with the RevolutionariesEdit

In Season 37, Batman pays a visit to Smash City to make sure everything is in order when he notices the Revolutionaries discussing their plans to remake the world. Suspicious of the Revolutionaries, Batman records their conversation with the intent of learning the identities of its members upon returning to the Batcave. On the way back, Batman notices the Heroes of Legend and hears them mention the Revolutionaries, prompting Batman to question the Heroes of Legend on what they know about the Revolutionaries. However, Batman is swatted away by Ridley so that the Heroes of Legend can flee, as they don't want Batman to reveal any information about the past to the reborn Heroes of the World. Batman later observes the Heroes of Legend's conflict with the Revolutionaries, and bravely attempts to prevent Starly from transforming into Solaris, but is easily defeated. Batman then watches as the Heroes of Legend use the power of the Heroes of the World to maintain an advantage over the Revolutionaries until Sonic.exe forces the Revolutionaries to retreat while stating that the Heroes of Legend's lives are limited. After Captain Falcon, Pikachu, Fox McCloud, and Meta Knight leave, Batman questions the Heroes of Legend once again on why they aren't telling anyone what they know about the Revolutionaries, with Vegeta answering Batman by stating it is for everyone's safety. Batman then asks the Heroes of Legend what Sonic.exe meant when he said that their lives are limited after he notices Goku grasping his heart, with Sonic the Hedgehog stating that Sonic.exe is bluffing. Batman then leaves the Heroes of Legend so that they can recuperate, but secretly acquires a sample of Vegeta's blood (Vegeta was impaled by Obito Uchiha during the conflict) to learn what the Heroes of Legend are hiding from the Smash World. Upon returning to the Batcave, Batman analyzes the blood sample he acquired from Vegeta and learns that the Heroes of Legend are infected with Phazon Corruption as well as the Kabuto Virus, a lethal virus that enhances the Heroes of Legend's power by allowing them to transform into a roboticized form, a Vampire, a cannibal, a zombie, or an EXE at any time, with the only negative effects being that the virus will eventually drive the Heroes of Legend insane and will kill them if they use the virus' power too much and avoid using it afterwards. Mortified that the Heroes of Legend are carrying a lethal pathogen that will consume them, Batman is suddenly contacted by Kabuto Yakushi, who implanted a computer program containing his consciousness within the Kabuto Virus before his death, and learns that Kabuto intends to force the Heroes of Legend to unleash the Kabuto Virus across the Smash World in order to speed up everyone's evolution. After the message ends, Batman realizes that the Heroes of Legend will eventually die from the Kabuto Virus, and this will cause the Smash World to perish as a result. Determined to stop Kabuto's failsafe, Batman notices that his computer now has a folder containing files about the Heroes of the World and the Revolutionaries. After learning the identities of the Heroes of the World and the Revolutionaries, Batman decides to reunite the Heroes of the World to counteract the threat of the Revolutionaries and sends out a broadcast to every dimension of the Smash World to unite against the Revolutionaries and find a cure for the Kabuto Virus. Deciding not to wait for the response, Batman heads out to find the Heroes of the World, but decides to have Captain Falcon, Fox, and Pikachu gather the Heroes of the World for him so he can rally the Smash World's forces for the upcoming war. Batman later participates in the final battle against the Revolutionaries, and is saddened (although he doesn't show it) when the Heroes of Legend die from the Kabuto Virus, although Batman does praise the Heroes of Legend for removing the Kabuto Virus from the Smash World and respects their decision to accept their deaths. After the Heroes of the World vow to protect the Smash World like the Heroes of Legend did, Batman offers to help the Heroes of the World establish themselves in the eyes of the public.

The Creator's JudgementEdit

With Superman's help, Batman builds a high-class mansion with the Heroes of the World's new headquarters located underneath the mansion. During the construction of the Heroes of the World's headquarters, Batman recruits Simon Belmont, a renowned Vampire Hunter and a member of the Belmont clan, Ryu Hayubusa, a master ninja and the leader of the Hayubusa clan, Bill Rizer, a military commando who has saved the world in the past from the Red Falcon terrorist group, Jason, a man who fights within a tank called SOPHIA, and White Bomberman, a member of the Bomberman species who specializes in explosives, as reserve members of the Heroes of the World. When the construction of the Heroes of the World's headquarters is finished, Batman and Superman bring the Heroes of the World inside after Batman has the mansion register the Heroes of the World's DNA Codes, and show the Heroes of the World their new headquarters, where Batman reveals that he studied the Heroes of the World, presumably through the files that Kabuto left on his computer, to build the training facility of the HQ with their abilities in mind and has installed multiple satellites to observe the Smash World so that the Heroes of the World can be ready to protect the world from criminals who would endanger humanity. Batman then explains to the Heroes of the World that the Justice League will provide the fundings for the Heroes of the World, and Batman himself will serve as a part-time member of the Heroes of the World while balancing his duties as a member of the Justice League and Gotham City's protector. After Superman leaves, Batman tells Meta Knight after he asks when the Heroes of Legend will return that he isn't sure when the Heroes of Legend will return, but they will be reincarnated eventually. The next day, Batman calls the Heroes of the World to the central command center of the HQ, where he reveals that EXE City was sent to Subspace along with the Space Colony ARK, and sends Meta Knight, Captain Falcon, Solid Snake, Fox, Falco Lombardi, and Pit to investigate Subspace while keeping Wolverine, CyclopsIron ManThorCaptain America, the Hulk, Kevin Levin, PiccoloYamchaTien Shinhan, Blaze the Cat, and Knuckles the Echidna on standby in case backup is needed. When Meta Knight does request backup, Batman reminds the heroes that he has on standby that they are serve as backup when Thor questions the danger due to Meta Knight calling for backup out of fear. After ending the transmission, Batman is taunted by the A.I. of Kabuto for staying in the command center while his allies are taking action, and hints that he wanted the Heroes of Legend to make the sacrifice they did, causing Batman to realize that Kabuto intended on having the Heroes of Legend die from the Kabuto Virus after saving the Smash World as the Earth begins to shake, prompting Batman to bring the rest of the Heroes of the World to Subspace to find out what is causing the earthquake. Upon arriving, Batman learns that Kabuto tricked him into accelerating the Heroes of Legend's inevitable death so that he could possess Master Hand, and takes part in the final battle against Kabuto, Mephiles the Dark, Starly, Mechtavius Destroyer, and the resurrected Sonic.exe to determine the fate of the universe. After Kabuto's defeat, Batman helps the Heroes of the World get the Heroes of Legend to a hospital, and even apprehends Justice Lord Superman when the latter attempts to kill the Heroes of Legend, although Batman was unaware of the fact that the Heroes of Legend used the Death Note to kill the other Justice Lords (excluding Justice Lord Batman) and Justice Lord Superman's loved ones. Batman later attempts to locate the Cosmic Cube to cure the Heroes of Legend of the Kabuto Virus, but is ultimately forced to watch them die from the Kabuto Virus after they accelerate their inevitable deaths. When the Heroes of the World and the Justice League then resolve to start a new project to maintain the peace, Batman leaves quietly, and thanks the Heroes of Legend for saving everyone while taunting the deceased Kabuto Yakushi by saying that his plan has failed.

Project: Utopia and WarzoneEdit

After Superman reveals to the public that the Heroes of Legend have died and that the Heroes of the World and the entire Smash World will work to maintain the peace in the form of Project: Utopia, Batman uses his true identity of Bruce Wayne to hold a press conference and reveal that WayneTech will contribute half the funding of Smash University and his intention to establish Heroes of the World branches in every world within the Smash World to make maintaining the current peace easier. Batman (still as Bruce Wayne) later holds the opening ceremony for Smash University with Tony Stark and Princess Elise, but the ceremony is attacked by the Revolutionaries, who are determined to destroy Master Hand for failing to save the Heroes of Legend. Ready to repel the Revolutionaries, Batman is shocked to see the reborn Heroes of Legend while still maintaining the power they had before they died. Batman later gets a chance to shine when the Heroes of the World and the Justice League come to the Heroes of Legend's aide against the Revolutionaries, although Batman is shocked to see that his arch-nemesis, the Joker, has joined the Revolutionaries. After the battle ends with the deaths of Master Hand and Gwen Tennyson, Batman attempts to comfort Ben Tennyson and Kevin Levin about Gwen, and later listens in when Sonic.exe reveals the true extent of the Uchiha clan's Curse of Hatred. Batman later learns from Shuichi Aizawa that Midna is about to initiate the second phase of her plan as well as the fact that Darkstar has captured the reincarnated Gwen Tennyson, and that the Heroes of Legend fear they are becoming corrupted as well as the fact that Sasuke Uchiha has defected. Due to the high stakes, Batman is forced to have Aizawa tell Near to reveal that the Heroes of Legend are alive, as the public believed they were still dead, and send Hideki Ide, Kanzo Mogi, and Touta Matsuda to monitor the Heroes of Legend, which becomes neccessary when Midna kills Mello after Near's broadcast. After Aizawa leaves to meet up with the former members of the Kira Task Force, Batman contacts the Heroes of Legend and tells them to head back to Station Square's hotel so that they won't be framed, and promises to Ben and Naruto Uzumaki that he will save Gwen and Sasuke (although Batman doesn't say this directly, he merely says he will work something out) for them, and expresses how he knows they are innocent and his knowledge of the Curse of Hatred. After confirming that the Heroes of Legend have obeyed his command, Batman sheds a single tear due to the current situation, but is then contacted by Kabuto's A.I. consciousness, who reveals that he intended for Project: Utopia to occur thanks to his glimpse of the future as well as to repay his debts. Batman then lashes out at Kabuto for all the lives that have been lost, but is countered by Kabuto's statement that Batman cannot ignore the fact that the Heroes of Legend and Midna aren't so different and that his victory is inevitable before attempting to flee back to the Revolutionaries, prompting Batman to reveal his new anti-virus for Kabuto's A.I., threatening the deceased madman to reveal the location of the Revolutionaries, which Kabuto does out of fear for his remaining existence. After Kabuto leaves, Batman curses himself for falling for Kabuto's trap, and tells Zenet SurrowMeta KnightThor, Angel, and Pit that if he doesn't survive against the Revolutionaries, then they are to head to where a Bat-Signal will appear. Batman then leaves HQ to confront the Revolutionaries, save Gwen, and end Kabuto's ambitions once and for all. Upon arriving at the Abandoned Duel Dome, Batman engages the Revolutionaries in combat to prevent Kabuto's ressurection, with the Heroes of the World and the Justice League arriving to help Batman. Unfortunately, Kabuto is ressurected due to the energy gathered during the battle, leaving Batman and the others at the psychopath's mercy until the Heroes of Legend arrive only to allow the Heroes of the World and the Justice League to defeat Kabuto due to their determination. With renewed confidence, Batman, the Heroes of the World, and the Justice League defeat Kabuto once more. Batman and the others then begin to arrange for Kabuto to be imprisoned in EXE City, only for Kabuto to start bleeding to death due to the Heroes of Legend using the Death Note to kill Kabuto.

The Ultimate SacrificeEdit

Following Kabuto's demise, Batman saves a mall from a criminal who evaded arrest during the start of Project: Utopia, and sends the criminal to EXE City. Batman then notices that among the people he saved were Mecha Sally, Ino Yamanaka, Gwen Tennyson, and Proto Man, and contacts Near to inform him of the presence of the Revolutionaries. Batman then learns that the Heroes of Legend are still under surveilance and that they stole the Death Note during the conflict with Kabuto. Determined to clear the Heroes of Legend's names, Batman arranges for a meeting with the Heroes of Legend at Peach's Castle. Once everyone arrives, Batman is alerted to the presence of the Revolutionaries, confirming Batman's fears that the Heroes of Legend have gone insane as he did not contact Zero, who he knew was trustworthy, or give any hint to the Revolutionaries of this meeting in order to see if the Heroes of Legend would tip off the Revolutionaries. After the Heroes of Legend escape to Subspace with the Revolutionaries with the declaration of the Second Dimensional War, Batman tells the Heroes of the World and the Justice League to hold a conference in Smash City, but stays behind while promising to Master Hand that he will save the Heroes of Legend and pays his respects to the deceased Creator by stating that the Smash World didn't need a Creator, but a savior who would make the ultimate sacrifice for his subjects. Batman then arrives at the conference, where he reveals to the Smash World the full history of the Heroes of Legend and the upcoming Second Dimensional War. Batman then shows the Heroes of the World the archives of their past lives' exploits that Kabuto left him, unintentionally restoring the Heroes of the World's memories and enhanced power. When the Heroes of Legend and the Revolutionaries return with the League of Villains at their disposal, Batman is brutally assaulted by Vilgax both physically and mentally, as Vilgax reveals to Batman that Kabuto duplicated the Heroes of the World's memories and put them in the archives, much to Batman's shock. However, Batman refuses to give in, and assists Superman in defeating Vilgax. When the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World proceed to flee to Subspace after being riddled with bullets by Matsuda, Batman attempts to prevent his former allies from leaving, stating that he understands what they are going through as he has waged a war on crime for his entire life that isn't so different from their taxing struggle against the Revolutionaries and the League of Villains, but to no avail. Refusing to give up, Batman jumps into the Subspace portal before it closes, and begins to look for the Heroes of Legend. During his search, Ryuk reveals to Batman that he wrote the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, the Revolutionaries, and the League of Villains' names in the Death Note, which enrages Batman to the point of brutally beating up Ryuk and threatening to break the Shinigami in half. Ryuk attempts to flee, but Batman electrocutes Ryuk and restrains him while taking the Death Note and heading to the Heroes of Legend's castle. Batman then returns the Death Note to the Heroes of Legend, and tells them that there are people other than the Heroes of the World who acknowledge the Heroes of Legend for who they really are, and reminds them that as the Creators, they have to put the welfare of the Smash World first, offering a way for the Heroes of Legend to escape persecution by closing the primary Subspace portal. Later, when Sasuke Uchiha severs the link between Subspace and the Smash World, Batman helps the Heroes of Legend save Sasuke from getting killed by the process and makes the ultimate sacrifice by sealing himself in Subspace with the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and the Revolutionaries. Trapped in Subspace, Batman joins the Heroes of Legend as a reserve member and as a mentor, intent on helping the Heroes of Legend return to sanity and guiding them into recreating Master Hand's ideal world.

Kabuto's Return and Presumed DeathEdit

When the Heroes of Legend decide to explain the security measures they installed to protect the archives, Batman is impressed by the craftiness that the Heroes of Legend used to guard the archives, but is distracted by the sight of a nearby outlet's constant emitting of sparks. Batman is then assaulted by a specter that replicates and steals some of Batman's DNA Code. When the Heroes of Legend leave to investigate, Batman begins to hear the voice of Kabuto Yakushi, and learns that Kabuto managed to survive through cloning himself, and that Kabuto was behind the specter attack, which left a seed in Batman that ensures Kabuto will return as long as Batman lives, and that Starly has created millions of clones of Kabuto to use against the Heroes of Legend, which Kabuto plans to use as a diversion to rematerialize himself. Batman then begins to run out of the castle to stop Kabuto from returning, only to see that Kabuto used the stolen DNA to create a clone of Batman known as Miller to fufill Kabuto's ambitions. Despite Batman's best efforts, Kabuto is able to rematerialize himself and begins to assault Batman violently to show the Smash World what happens to those who defy him. When Kabuto then knocks Goku away after the latter tries to save Batman, Batman begins to retaliate against Kabuto and sends him flying into EXE City. However, Kabuto is barely affected by the assault and resumes his violent assault against Batman by unleashing the Eclipse Destroyer, an attack so powerful it can destroy planets, on him. However, Batman is able to survive the assault, but is left severely injured. Kabuto then attacks Batman again when he refuses to surrender and unmasks him, revealing Batman's identity as Bruce Wayne to the public. Kabuto then delivers a fatal punch that leaves Batman on the verge of death. In his final moments, Batman responds to a statement Kabuto made about trying to emulate Master Hand by stating that he wasn't trying to be a god, but a savior, and wanted to redeem himself for hurting the Heroes of Legend just as Master Hand tried to redeem himself for letting Solaris orchestrate Aleena.exe's death, before finally giving into his injuries and apparently dies with a smile. Sonic the Hedgehog then vows to avenge Batman's death by destroying Kabuto once and for all. Batman is later buried in front of Princess Peach's Castle, where his funeral is attended by the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, the Revolutionaries, and the Justice League. The Joker then gives an eulogy for Batman, stating that while he wanted Batman dead, he didn't want to see Batman die the way he did and reveals his begrudging respect for Batman. After the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and the Revolutionaries return to Subspace, Superman stays behind to say goodbye to Batman, stating that the Smash World didn't really need a god, just a brave man who was willing to sacrifice everything to protect the ones he cared about. Superman then promises to avenge Batman as well and bring Kabuto to justice for his crimes.

War of the WorldsEdit

When Kabuto begins his assault on the Smash World, Mecha Sally wonders if Batman truly died after finding out that the Joker was put into a death like state by Kabuto, and digs up Batman's body to give him a Senzu Bean to confirm if he is truly dead. When Batman doesn't awaken, Mecha Sally apologizes to Batman for dragging him into the Heroes of Legend's conflict, but Batman is revived thanks to the Senzu Bean. After being filled in on the situation, Batman struggles to get up since the Senzu Bean only woke him up until Mecha Sally gives him two more Senzu Beans. Batman then changes into a spare Batsuit and contacts everyone who is fighting against Kabuto's forces, motivating them to keep fighting. Batman then heads to Subspace and knocks Kabuto off balance long enough for Superman to send Kabuto flying to Smash City. Batman, the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and the Revolutionaries then teleport to where Kabuto landed, and is forced to watch as Kabuto unleashes the Eclipse Destroyer again, destroying Smash City completely. Batman manages to survive, however, thanks to Superman and the Hulk preventing the rubble from crushing everyone, and manages to bring the Heroes of Legend to their senses after Kabuto pushes them too far. After Kabuto flees to Lyoko, Batman states that he will continue to guide the Heroes of Legend while explaining to Superman that Ryuk's action of writing the Heroes of Legend's names in the Death Note is his reason why due to the strain that the Heroes of Legend's battles might have on their lifespan. Superman then tells Batman to call the Justice League if he ever needs them, which Batman says that he will.

Conflict with Bills, Formation of the Justice League Unlimited, Death, and ReincarnationEdit

When Bills is released from his seal, Batman participates in the conflict against the God of Destruction, even though he is not at the same level of strength and power as the Heroes of Legend. Despite this, Batman is able to blindside Bills on several instances during the fight, and ultimately watches as Goku and Superman deliver the final blow. After Bills is put to sleep by Whis, Batman, Superman, Naruto UzumakiSasuke UchihaSonic the Hedgehog, Zero, and Sonic.exe become the founding members of the Justice League Unlimited in order to be better prepared for future threats. However, Batman and Superman are later lured into a trap on the Space Colony ARK by the original Kabuto Yakushi, who infects the duo with the Kabuto Virus. Resisting the strain of the virus, Batman and Superman engage Kabuto in a titanic clash, ending with them hurling Kabuto towards the Heroes of Legend's castle grounds. Sadly, the strain of the Kabuto Virus takes its toll, and Batman and Superman die in front of the Heroes of Legend. Batman and Superman are later reincarnated just before Gwen Tennyson awakens a blank slate of Superman without giving it the proper preparations. In addition, Batman and Superman's memories remain intact due to Master Hand instructing Male and Female to restore their memories completely. Batman later attempts to comfort Ben Tennyson after Gwen breaks down into insanity.

Project Armegeddon, Fall from Grace, and Kabuto's RevengeEdit

During the events of Project Armegeddon, Batman participates in the conflict against the Revolutionaries and personally engages Justice Lord Batman in combat, where Justice Lord Batman attempts to sway Batman to the Revolutionaries' cause by stating that the Heroes of Legend are using him and Superman. However, Batman doesn't fall for his counterpart's words since he is aware that Justice Lord Batman is simply attempting to exact vengeance against the Heroes of Legend for murdering the Justice Lords and due to his own faith in the Heroes of Legend. Batman later contributes to the final defeat of Kabuto alongside the Heroes of Legend and the Justice League Unlimited. However, Batman is later targeted by Kabuto as part of a vicious plan to reignite the Heroes of Legend's hatred while getting revenge on Batman for ruining his plans. Despite his best efforts, Batman ultimately fails to stop Kabuto due to having control of his body taken away from him by Kabuto, and is forced to watch in horror as Kabuto forces Batman's body to fire the Revolutionaries' missiles across the Earth, eradicating all life on it, and attack the Justice League Unlimited. Batman manages to escape from Kabuto's restraints after he forces his body to use his emergency gun on Sasuke, which sends Batman into a rage due to Kabuto forcefully breaking his moral code. Batman then beats Kabuto to a bloody pulp, but is ultimately unable to kill him. Kabuto then proceeds to taunt Batman for his morality, while stating that his reputation has been shattered and the Heroes of Legend can no longer trust him. Kabuto then fades away while telling Batman that he will see him in hell. Batman is then returned to his body, but with nearly everyone unable to trust him besides Superman, Zero, and Sonic.exe. As a result, Batman takes a leave of absence from the Justice League Unlimited, but is confronted by the Joker, who reveals that he knows Batman is innocent and attempts to help Batman clear his name by offering to take him to the factory where a Smasher's next incarnation is prepared, as it possibly contains Batman's personal records. However, Batman leaves Joker upon noticing the Heroes of Legend carrying Kabuto's frozen body and contacts Superman to warn him, unsure of what the Heroes of Legend intend to do in their confused state. Along the way, Batman is intercepted by Wolverine, but manages to convince him of his innocence and teams up with Wolverine to keep the Heroes of Legend from using Kabuto to instigate the destruction of the Smash World. Batman ultimately manages to regain the Heroes of Legend's trust after taking a fatal blow from Gwen that was meant for the Heroes of Legend, and ultimately manages to help subdue Gwen once more. Batman then allows Wolverine to join the Justice League Unlimited to repay Wolverine for clearing his name.


Batman's appearance is based off his appearance in the Justice League animated series.


Batman is calm and focused, never getting frustrated or panicking even when the odds are against him. Even though Batman can be intimidating towards his allies at times, he ultimately has good intentions at heart and does care for his allies, as he tried to comfort Ben and Kevin after Ryuk used the Death Note to kill Gwen, and later shed a tear when Midna's murder of Mello left the Heroes of Legend unable to act due to Aizawa's suspicions. Batman also has complete trust in Superman, which was shown when Superman was the first person that Batman confided in about the Heroes of Legend's inevitable fate and shook hands with Superman as a sign of respect before returning to Subspace.

Batman is also brave, fearless, and independent, as he endangered himself in an attempt to stop Starly from transforming into Solaris despite having no chance of success, and later decided to convince the Smash World to fight back against the Revolutionaries after learning that Kabuto's failsafe would destroy the entire Smash World, and began to prepare for war after making his broadcast to the Smash World to unite against the Revolutionaries rather than wait for a response from the other dimensions. Batman's fearlessness was shown once again when he showed no reaction to Ryuk's presence, whereas other people would be frightened at the sight of a Shinigami. During the conflict at Peach's Castle, Batman's bravery is shown in full detail as he was willing to fight Obito Uchiha and Gwen Tennyson to protect his allies, even though Obito and Gwen are capable of killing Batman easily if given the chance, and was willing to sacrifice himself in an attempt to stop Kabuto. Batman's independence was shown again as well when he was willing to confront the Revolutionaries all by himself, not relying on others for this mission.

Since the conflict with the Revolutionaries, Batman has proven to be a skilled leader, as the Heroes of the World are willing to follow his orders after he reforms the group, as evidenced by Wolverine and Knuckles being content to stay on standby since Wolverine doesn't enjoy taking orders from others while Knuckles prefers to take action without planning ahead (although there are times where the Heroes of the World will disobey Batman, as shown by Thor's decision to mobilize the Heroes of the World at Kevin's insistence and Mogi's refusal to monitor the Heroes of Legend, although both Kevin and Mogi had good reasons for disobeying Batman).

Batman is also willing to give people who are devoted to justice a chance, as he encouraged Bill Rizer to try harder when he failed during a brutal training session rather than criticize him for failure. However, Batman has no tolerance for jokes, as he told Iron Man after he jokingly referred to Batman as "Bats" to never call him that again, although he didn't reprimand Flash when the latter did the same thing when the Justice League arrived to help out in the final battle.

Due to the murder of his parents when he was a child, Batman has an intense dislike for guns and despises criminals who rely on guns even more as a result, as Batman became enraged when Starly attempted to use her Weapons Gun's "bullet" setting to disable Gohan's arms, despite barely knowing Gohan personally. During this event, Batman also reveals that he considers criminals who use guns to be cowards.

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