The Beam Sword

The Beam Sword is an item from the Super Smash Bros. Series. It is similar to a lightsaber

In Super Smash Bros. CrossoverEdit

The Beam Sword has an effect not seen in the Smash Bros. games, it can liberate a person from mind control. All that needs to be done is to hit a person once and they will do an animation before returning to normal. It is used commonly in Season 4 to free the heroes who are under mind control. The Beam Sword makes its first reappearance in Season 7 for the same purpose as last time.

In Season 32, the Beam Sword is destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog after realizing it gives Master Hand his invunerability. The Beam Sword is later rebuilt by Master Hand, which Sonic uses to remove the Grand Ztar from Mecha Sally, resulting in the Grand Ztar's destruction.


  • Marth from the silly Melee universe was the first antagonist to wield the Beam Sword.
  • The Beam Sword MKII is a stronger version of the Beam Sword.
All credit goes to SmashWonders. He is the one who came up with the mind-control breaking effect. Watch his version of the Last Tier War.