1000px-ShadowCG Blackdoom

Black Doom

Black Doom is the leader of the Black Arms, the biological father of Shadow the Hedgehog, and a major antagonist starting with Season 32.

Black Doom was recruited by Mechtavius Destroyer along with Zombie Reed, Fawful, Dimentio, Magolor, and Marx as part of Mechtavius Destroyer's plan to take advantage of the Skrull infiltration to cause chaos within the heroes and prepare the Earth for "the day of reckoning". Following the destruction of Soleanna at the hands of Jen, Black Doom is seen with his teammates, cruelly commenting that it's a pity that no humans were in Soleanna. Black Doom is then given the task of recruiting the mentally unstable Rosalina to Mechtavius Destroyer's side.


Black Doom is a cold hearted and sadistic individual that treats humans with contempt, as he was upset that no humans were in Soleanna when it was destroyed.


  • Black Doom and Marx are the only villains recruited by Mechtavius Destroyer who did not appear prior to Season 32.

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