Caliburn the Sword

Caliburn the Sword is a talking sword that assists Zenet Surrow after she is accidentally transported into the tale of King Arthur. Caliburn is given to Zenet by Merlina the Sorceress to help Zenet get through the Grand Kingdom and defeat the corrupted King Arthur. On the way to Nimue, the Lady of the Lake, Caliburn modifies Zenet's new outfit to be more comfortable for her. Although their adventure isn't seen, Caliburn and Zenet are able to save the Grand Kingdom. Caliburn then follows Zenet back to her own time to help out in the final battle against the villains. In Season 26, Caliburn is used by Zenet once again, only in his true form of Excalibur. Later, when Zenet is killed by Diagon and Mechtavius Destroyer fuses with the other villains, Caliburn/Excalibur is picked up by Sonic the Hedgehog for the final battle.


Caliburn is a gentleman and acts as a mentor to Zenet, since she is affected by the Super Mushroom she ate before arriving. Like the other characters in the Grand Kingdom, Caliburn is somewhat baffled by Zenet's behavior.


  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, Caliburn would insult Sonic the Hedgehog every now and then. However, Caliburn doesn't insult Zenet, but is still baffled by her behavior.
  • Caliburn is the first item that can talk.
  • Ironically, Caliburn makes a reference to Sonic and the Black Knight, sarcastically asking if his next wielder would be a hedgehog.

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