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Captain Falcon

Captain Falcon is a main character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 13. In Season 13, Captain Falcon was the first person to have his energy absorbed by Samus Aran when she went insane. Captain Falcon was determined to save Samus from her insanity. Eventually Captain Falcon sacrificed himself to do this and suceeded. Captain Falcon is revived at the end of Season 13 and he starts a relationship with Samus, to the disappointment of his best friend Solid Snake. In Season 17, Captain Falcon learns Samus has been zombified and is insane once again and is devastated. Captain Falcon and Solid Snake later get teleported to planet K-2L for their rematch with Samus. In Fight to the Finish, Captain Falcon and Snake try to bring Samus out of her insanity, but they are ruthlessly murdered by the psychopath, which causes the Heroes of Legend to snap and achieve Smash Core LV 4. Captain Falcon is revived by Black-Star Shenron following Samus' defeat and sheds a tear at the sight of Samus' mental breakdown. In Season 22, Captain Falcon recruits Mr. Game & Watch and R.O.B. as his teammates for the Neo Smash Champion Tourney. Captain Falcon later arrives in the nick of time to save Mario and Samus from the psychopathic Meta Knight, where it is revealed that Captain Falcon has acquired an Ascent Mode. In Season 36, Captain Falcon is infected by the EXE Virus along with the other heroes, and clashes with the Heroes of Legend due to the corruption until the finale, where the Heroes of the World ultimately die from the virus. In Season 37, Captain Falcon is recreated along with the other Heroes of the World, although he has no memories of his previous life.


Captain Falcon's original appearance is based off his appearance in Brawl. In Ascent Mode, Captain Falcon uses his blue palette swap.

After being recreated, Captain Falcon's appearance changes to his F-Zero GX appearance.


Captain Falcon is a determined warrior when it comes to battle. Captain Falcon has a crush on Samus, which is proven when he sacrificed himself to save her from her insanity. While these feelings weren't returned initially, Samus began a relationship with Captain Falcon after he saved her from insanity until her defection, although Captain Falcon isn't bothered by it. Captain Falcon also gets along very well with Solid Snake, as they often work as a team in battle, but they often competed for Samus' affection.

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