These guys are pure evil.

At the end of Season 4, every villain except Marth from the silly Melee universe, Smithy, and Zombie Reed were sent to the Doom Dimension. (Smithy and Zombie Reed having been killed prior to Season 4, and Marth being spared so his friends could try to return him to normal)

In Seasons 9, 10, and 11, the villains of the past are more like anti-heroes.

The villains of the past once again play a major role in Season 13 and are far more dangerous.

The multiple villains were united by Yami Bakura in The Keys of Smash Arc.

In Season 22, the villains start becoming more successful in their plans, and are serious threats. Eventually the villains break themselves free from Uka Uka, The Offspring of Zorc, and Wiseman's command.

As of Season 31, all of the villains are serious threats, regardless of whether or not they have a higher authority.


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