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Chaos is an background character of Super Smash Bros Brawl Crossover. He is the protector of the Chao and is Tikal's closest friend. He first appears in Season 23 after Shadow the Hedgehog is possessed by Wiseman, where he is seen taking care of Tikal, whose mind has broken from the atrocities she commited. Chaos is soon knocked out when Tikal is possessed by Wiseman as well. Chaos reappears later on, begging Sonic the Hedgehog to save Tikal after she sells her soul to Coredegon. However, Chaos eventually starts to take action himself, due to his rage. This drives Chaos to steal the 7 Chaos Emeralds and become Perfect Chaos. However, Sonic calms Chaos down by promising he will save Tikal, which he manages to do before Wiseman strips her of her free will. However, this proves to be too much for Chaos, who eventually manages to free Tikal with the help of Lena Isis. Chaos later transforms into Perfect Chaos to fight Mechtavius Destroyer, but is unable to win despite focusing his rage on Mechtavius Destroyer. Later, it is clear that Chaos is a neutral character, as his loyalties depend on what side Tikal is on. When he merged with Tikal to become Tikahos, Mechtavius Destroyer decieved her to defeat the Brawlers in order to earn their echidna tribe back and then kill her. However they knew about his future plan after they were defeated and escaped and hid in Smash City. While living safely, he and Tikal were attacked by an possessed Master Hand and Crazy Hand, he tried to protect Tikal, but was defeated which caused Tikal to become upset to see her allies fall and defeats them causing them to be sent back to Mechtavius Destroyer and Mag Mel. Chaos currently lives in Smash City


  • Chaos is capable of talking in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • Chaos occasionally acts like a Chao, shown when he thinks (he puts his hand in the same position as a Chao when they think) and cheers "Chao Chao". This is a pun on how Chaos is a mutated Chao.

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