"Chaos Control...UNITE!"

"Chaos Fusion!"

The 3 quotes used for Chaos Fusion

Chaos Fusion is a form of fusion introduced in the second arc of Season 25. It allows characters to fuse using Chaos Control.


Sonic the Hedgehog + Shadow the Hedgehog = Hyper Shadic

Mario + Luigi + Wario = Walio

Captain Falcon + Solid Snake = Captain Snake

Nazo + BEN + Zombie Zelda + Fleetway Super Sonic = Red Nazo

Fox McCloud + Wolf O'Donnell = Wolf Cloud

Falco Lombardi + Captain Olimar = Olico

Frieza + Cell = Cellza

Fleetway Super Sonic + Scourge the Hedgehog = Fleetway Scourge

Wolf O'Donnell + Rosalina = Wolfilina

Samus Aran + Mephiles the Dark = Samus the Dark

Metal Sonic + Scourge the Hedgehog = Metal Scourge


  • According to Dragonoid Destroyer, the Chaos Fusion can only be done when the people fusing are on the same side, which is proven when Mechtavius Destroyer tried to fuse with Dragonoid Destroyer, but failed since Dragonoid Destroyer is good and Mechtavius Destroyer is evil.

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