Steven Rogers (Earth-2149)

Colonel America

Colonel America is one of the main protagonists, although he was originally an antagonist, in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Colonel America is the zombie version of Captain America. Colonel America usually plays a very minor role in the series, but he has played a major role a few times. In Season 3, Colonel America was the only zombie that survived following the near extinction of the zombies. Colonel America was later killed by Captain Falcon, Samus Aran, Dr. Mario, Pichu, and Pikachu, but not before his shield knocked them out. Colonel America was revived in Season 7. In Season 10, Colonel America infected Venus with his saliva. During Season 11, Colonel America led a full scale invasion in Pandemonium, but was defeated and reformed. In Season 16, Colonel America devoured Noah Kaiba after he fainted from seeing a scary version of the Annoying Orange. Later, Colonel America decides to risk his life in a battle against Giovanni in order to save Samus, as she was unable to fight due to heart problems. Despite being super-powered, Colonel America is defeated when Samus goes insane again and absorbs his energy, leaving him vunerable before getting blasted to death. Before dying, Colonel America removes Zombie Spider-Man's mask saying he doesn't need it anymore, and in his last breaths, Colonel America tells Zombie Spider-Man that he is proud of him, and he always will be. Colonel America is revived with the Dragon Balls offscreen at the end of Season 16. In Season 29, Colonel America kills Zombie Reed out of anger after Zombie Reed kills Zombie Iron Man and continues to ridicule Zombie Spider-Man. In Season 30, Colonel America leads the other zombies (excluding the Galacti, Zombie Mario, Zombie Wario, Zombie Nova, and Zombie Daredevil) in a final stand against Mechtavius Destroyer, but they are overwhelmed, and Colonel America is forced to flee to help Zombie Daredevil save the corrupted heroes. However, Colonel America returns to the battlefield after the Heroes of Legend and their friends are purified. After Mechtavius Destroyer is defeated, Colonel America and the surviving zombies return to Pandemonium to help it recover. Unfortunately, Colonel America is later killed by the ressurected Mechtavius Destroyer. Colonel America is later revived by Galactic Nova.


  • Colonel America is the third most recurring zombie after Zombie Spider-Man and Zombie Reed.
  • Colonel America is the only zombie, other than Venus, whose name doesn't contain "Zombie" in it.
  • Colonel America is the only zombie who escaped from Mechtavius Destroyer.
  • Unlike the other zombies, Colonel America never had any malice toward Zombie Spider-Man after he left.

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