Crazy Finger Samus

I am the Crazy Finger!

-Crazy Finger Samus' catchphrase.

Crazy Finger Samus was a character from the silly Melee universe. Crazy Finger Samus' silliness was that she constantly called herself the Crazy Finger. This would usually get on the nerves of others, but eventually this was a way to identify her. When the tier wars began occuring, Crazy Finger Samus would help the high tiers, making her an antagonist. She would usually argue with Falco on a daily basis, due to him thinking he was the Crazy Finger as well. Crazy Finger did not play a major role during the short reign of the Dark Army. However, she was devastated upon hearing of the others' death. Crazy Finger Samus soon reverted to her antagonist role during the recent tier war. However, she, along with the other high tiers, soon helped the low tiers when Marth began sinking deeper into darkness. After the war, Falco, Dr. Mario, and Crazy Finger Samus had been reconsidering their actions and, feeling guilty about what happened to Marth, decided to free the heroes of Brawl that were still captured, enduring Sasuke and Mecha Sonic's wrath. Despite their best efforts, the high tiers were defeated when Marth intervened. The trio died from their wounds, finally having opened their eyes, and their bodies were recovered by Kirby. A funeral service was held for them despite their terrible acts, meaning their fellow characters have forgiven them. Their deaths motivated the silly Melee universe to stop standing by and help the world (Brawl) that helped them so much recover. Crazy Finger Samus reappeared toward the Season 4 finale, along with Psycho Kirby, Zombie Spider-Man, Zombie Reed, and Falco and Dr. Mario from her world, as a vision to motivate the remaining captured to fight back. Crazy Finger is revived again at the end of Season 4 as a request from Naruto, Sonic, and Drago. Crazy Finger Samus and Kirby moved to Brawl at the start of Season 9. In Season 16, Crazy Finger Samus and Kirby reunite with Mario, who was exiled for nearly destroying Melee but had a change of heart, and let him live with them. In Season 17, Crazy Finger Samus expresses jealousy when Kirby reunites with Jigglypuff. In Season 20, it is revealed that Crazy Finger Samus has 3 seperate personalities.