523px-Big 5-Crump



Crump as Nightmare Penguin

Crump is a member of Team 4Kids (the Big 5), and is the first of the group to go after the heroes. Crump, along with the rest of Team 4Kids, is first seen asking Noah Kaiba what he will do if Thrax fails. Later, Crump helps Johnson and Lector liberate Sarah Ravencroft. After the failure of the Phantom Virus, Noah has Team 4Kids do what the assassins could not and sends them after the seperated heroes. Crump decides to go after Zelda so he can claim her body as his own, due to his nature. Crump has not been seen since Season 16.


Crump's main appearance is based off his original appearance. However, Crump can also assume the form of Nightmare Penguin.


Crump has a creepy obsession with penguins.

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