Dark Silver

Dark Silver

Dark Silver is a creepypasta that was created by Coredegon several years ago, but was locked up due to being bent on destruction and highly uncontrollable. In Season 26, however, Dark Silver is liberated by Fleetway Super Sonic, who he nearly kills before he causes the creepypasta mansion he was imprisoned to collapse. However, rather than destroying the Internet, Dark Silver (along with sentient smoke from a disturbing tombstone Fleetway Super Sonic scratched) goes after the Heroes of Legend, having learned about them from the paper that Fleetway Super Sonic dropped. During the intense fight against them, the Nomadic Mechtogan arrive to subdue him again, and Dark Silver gets "negatized" by Mandibor in order to distinguish him from Silver the Hedgehog. However, this only enrages Dark Silver, as he knocks the Nomadic Mechtogan away as an act of vengeance before resuming his fight against the Heroes of Legend. However, Dark Silver is defeated when the Nomadic Mechtogan return with Vilgax, and is subsequently imprisoned in the Doom Dimension. However, he is quickly released by Mephiles the Dark for the Grand Design. In Season 28, Dark Silver puts the past behind him and merges with Silver in a final effort to defeat Mechtavius Destroyer. Dark Silver returns as a separate entity from Silver in Season 30, and is killed by Mechtavius Destroyer while buying time for the heroes and villains to escape. Dark Silver is revived in Season 31, where he helps the heroes and villains defeat Mechtavius Destroyer for good. After returning to the prime dimension, Dark Silver becomes a member of Team Nightmare, consisting of himself, Fleetway Super Sonic, and Mephiles the Dark, as part of Metal Sonic's new plan for world domination.


Prior to being "negatized", Dark Silver looked identical to Silver the Hedgehog, except Dark Silver looked more demented.

After Mandibor "negatizes" Dark Silver, his fur darkens, his cyan glow becomes red, and he gains scarlet spirals similar to Fleetway Super Sonic.


Unlike the real Silver, Dark Silver is a psychopath bent on destruction and murder. In addition, Dark Silver has pride over his identity, as he tried to kill Silver, stating there can only be one Silver the Hedgehog, and went into a rage when Mandibor "negatized" his appearance. However, Dark Silver's nature was due to the pain in his heart at losing his version of Blaze, and this was a reason he hated Silver.


  • Dark Silver is similar to Scourge the Hedgehog as they are copies of Silver the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog that have had their appearance altered.
  • Dark Silver is the only character that has effortlessly beaten the Nomadic Mechtogan.

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