An example of a Dark Smasher. I modified the right foot.

The Dark Smashers are evil copies of the heroes that were created with their DNA in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. They were created by Darkus Cyborg Helios for two reasons:

  1. To do his dirty work.
  2. So he could go to Neathia knowing he had grunts on Earth to fill the void he left.

They are the Smasher grunts of the darkness from Marth of the silly Melee universe in Season 5 and the Smasher grunts of the League of Villains in Season 6.


The Dark Smashers look exactly like the original versions except they are a different color. They also don't talk much, rather they make hissing noises, however, they can talk. They have no will of their own. The Dark Smashers are also crazy powerful.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

The Dark Smashers might use the Viper Helios that were being mass produced with them.


  • Helios probably made them alternate colored so the heroes couldn't sneak in with them.
  • Kirby and Ness are the only characters with Dark Smashers that weren't in Helios' trophy collection.
  • The Dark Smashers are the first type of a group to be created. The second are the Chaos Bakugan.
  • The Dark Smashers care for each other, since Dark Kirby was shocked that Dark Captain Falcon was disposed of.