Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious

Darth Sidious is the Sith Lord who served as the last Supreme Chancellor of the Smash Bros. Galaxy and the first Emperor of The Galactic Empire. He is the final antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He was known as Sheeve Palpatine. Palpatine maintained absolute power but was then challenged by the Justice League Unlimited and Heroes of Legend.


Like Obito, Darth Sidious is cunning and manipulative. Darth Sidious exposes it all: that of a murderous, arrogant, selfish, ambitious, power-hungry, uncaring, cold, cruel, sadistic, ruthless, narcissistic, delusional, psychopathic, misanthropic, terrifying, dangerous, violent, irredeemable and very unpredictable individual. And as such, there was only one goal he had in mind to accomplish: total control of the entire smash bros. galaxy. Cold and dominant, it is either obeyed or be obliterated with him. Darth Sidious was the only Sith Master/Dark Lord of the Sith in the history of the galaxy to achieve the ultimate goal of the Sith Order: to eradicate the Heroes whom he consider as Rebels. He is the one that orchestrated Rin's death and all events in 39 season in order to gain absolute and infinite power.

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