Dartz is a new character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He first appears during Season 16, with his Abridged personality, to help Marik Ishtar protect Super Smash Bros. Crossover from 4Kids by coming up with a plot for Season 16. However, his ideas aren't very good, with only one idea being a possibe candidate. Dartz reappears every now and then as the Pecking Order's song manager, but is kicked out of the group without his knowledge after they reveal their true colors.


Dartz wears a business suit upon his debut. Also, whenever a different shot of Dartz is shown, his hair changes color.

Dartz's IdeasEdit

Dartz made these suggestions to Marik.

  1. Have every hero become a zombie except Hawkeye, who would hide in the Artic until the zombies came and he had to run away.
  2. Have every hero become a zombie except Luke Cage, who would lead the zombies to civilians to save his daughter.
  3. Have Ashley J. Williams arrive prior to zombification of every hero.
  4. Have Captain America become the Vampire King.
  5. Have Yoshi become a vampire and turn every other hero into a vampire.
  6. Have the Heroes of Legend struggle against the villains due to their dreams getting invaded by Freddy Krueger.
  7. Have every hero killed except Wolverine.
  8. Have the Heroes of Legend get distracted by the Annoying Orange.
  9. Have the Heroes of Legend struggle against Jason Voorhees and Mike Myers.
  10. Have the normal people get zombified and the heroes would have to fight the people they once protected.

Notably, Idea 10 was the only one Marik felt was good.

Ideas 1 and 2 are references to beta plots for Marvel Zombies. Idea 3 is a reference to Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness. Idea 4 is a reference to the Exiles.

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