-Deidara's catchphrase.

Deidara is a member of the Akatsuki and a major antagonist in Season 20. Deidara secretly infiltrated Smash City and followed Naruto Uzumaki covertly. Later, Deidara's cover is blown when Kirby and Pikachu sense him and shock him. Deidara then fights the pair before Pikachu leaves to inform Naruto that Tobi is alive again. While his fight with Kirby isn't seen, Deidara manages to overwhelm Kirby before Piccolo intervenes. Piccolo and Deidara are evenly matched, but the rest of the Akatsuki intervene. Deidara then watches Nagato beat Piccolo to a bloody pulp before Goku, Gohan, Vegeta, Yamcha, Tien Shinhan, Naruto, Pikachu, Pichu, and Yoshi show up. Deidara then finishes his fight with Kirby, who returned to help Piccolo, before turning his attention to the rest of the heroes who gathered, as well as Magneto, Sabretooth, Pyro, Frieza, Cell, and Mag Mel. Deidara later goes to Smash City after failing to capture Killer B, and battles against Yami Bakura after the spirit insults his art and killed Sasori. However, he eventually is forced to self destruct, which was in vain since Yami Bakura survived. Deidara is then revived by Yami Bakura to do his bidding. Deidara is revived in Season 22 due to The Offspring of Zorc not being revived properly.


Deidara is arrogant and sadistic, and considers his explosives as art. Deidara gets angry whenever anyone mocks his art, as he pummeled Kirby for mocking him.

Battle RecordEdit

Deidara is quite powerful. However, Deidara's fights have usually ended in a stalemate, since either someone steps in for his opponent, or another Akatsuki members takes over for Deidara. Deidara has only had one true win, and that's his second fight with Kirby, since Kirby was injured from the previous fight.

Battles Outcome
Kirby and Pikachu No outcome
Kirby No outcome
Piccolo No outcome
Kirby (Round 2) Win
Naruto Uzumaki No outcome (Tag with Hidan)
Yami Bakura Lose

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