Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom

Dr. Doom is one of the main antagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover and is responsible for allowing the zombies of Earth-2149 enter the mainstream universe where the series takes place. Dr. Doom is also the only villain to already have control over a part of the world, being the ruler of Latveria. In Season 13, Dr. Doom battles Iron Man and wins, turning Iron Man into a trophy and bringing him to the villains' doomship. In Season 18, Dr. Doom is ordered by Magneto to save as many civilians as they can. However, Dr. Doom is infected by Tabuu, who was infected by Zombie Thing when Thrax weakened his immunity. In his last words, Dr. Doom curses Bowser for siding with the zombies. Dr. Doom is cured by Shenron at the end of Season 19.


Dr. Doom's appearance is based off his appearance in the comics


Dr. Doom is power hungry and ruthless. Dr. Doom is also vain, as he wears a mask to cover his scarred face. Dr. Doom is also a genius.

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