Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily is a mad scientist and is Mega Man's archenemy. Dr. Wily serves as a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 21. Dr. Wily is first seen when he is being chased by Uka Uka after the heroes escape their captivity. Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman later attack the heroes in an attempt to recapture them but, ironically, Dr. Wily is blasted by Uka Uka, who wants the heroes to get corrupted by the Infinity Sword. Later, during the council meeting of the villains, Dr. Wily points out that Uka Uka has no right to consider them incompotent since Uka Uka prevented him and Eggman from recapturing the heroes, which prompts Uka Uka to zap him for speaking against him.


  • Dr. Wily has the unfortunate habit of being abused by Uka Uka. Uka Uka attacked him, Dr. Neo Cortex, Dr. Eggman, Dr. Doom, and Zombie Reed when the heroes escaped. Uka Uka also attacked Dr. Wily in order to make him retreat so the heroes would keep the Infinity Sword and get corrupted by it. Recently, Uka Uka attacked Dr. Wily for trying to blame him for their failures.

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