Dry Bowser

Dry Bowser is the other half of Evil Bowser and his second in command. Dry Bowser is a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.


Dry Bowser first appeared in Season 25 when Luigi was looking for Mario after the castle he chased the Heroes of Legend in disappeared. Dry Bowser tried to kill Luigi, but was defeated just as his other half was.

Dry Bowser made a brief cameo after Luigi defeated Evil Bowser, and later fought Luigi again at another of Bowser's castles, where he humorously broke apart when he arrived in the arena. However, Luigi managed to defeat Dry Bowser once again, but with no leads on Mario's location.

Dry Bowser is later destroyed by the combined efforts of Mario and Vegeta after they use the Power Stars to increase their power. However, Dry Bowser survives due to being a Dry Bones, and joins the League of Villains. However, it is revealed that he joined them to fully ressurect Mechtavius Destroyer and Evil Way Big by siphoning their energy.

In Season 28, Dry Bowser is recreated along with Evil Way Big, Mariyo, BEN, Zombie Zelda, Fleetway Super Sonic, and Dark Silver, and is stronger than ever since he now has the same power that Mechtavius Destroyer had upon his first ressurection. In Season 30, Dry Bowser is killed by Mechtavius Destroyer while buying time for the heroes and villains to escape. Dry Bowser is revived in Season 31, where he helps the heroes and villains defeat Mechtavius Destroyer for good.


  • Dry Bowser is considered a zombie due to being a living skeleton. This makes him the only zombie that doesn't have the zombie plague.
  • For some reason, Dry Bowser loses the ability to speak after being defeated by Mario and Vegeta, as he only growls following his return and he can only be understood by a Dry Bones. However, Dry Bowser still speaks in his thoughts. In Season 28, Dry Bowser is able to speak again due to being recreated.

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