English Voice Actor for Yuma? is the fourth community message in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.


Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Hey everybody, it is I, Marik Sebastian Ishtar III.

Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged) : I thought your name was Marik Ishtar.

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : It is, my full name is Marik Sebastian Ishtar III.

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty) : That's a stupid name.

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Look, just shut the [EFF] up. Anyway, we're about to enter Season 19. I'm adding a very special character to the series to celebrate. Yuma Tis...Tisoku...How the [EFF] is this pronounced? Anyway, his name is Yuma.

(Zombie Zelda holds up a sign saying "Yuma Tsukumo")

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : However, I have no FRIGGIN idea who the FRIG his FRIGGIN voice actor is in America.

Bandit Keith (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Hey, you can't say that line, it can only be used by Americans.

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : FRIG! How the [EFF] did you get in here?

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty) : America is dead. It is now...ZOMBIELAND.

Bandit Keith (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : How dare you! We won World War II!

Dartz : What the [EFF] does that have to do with Amewica.

Bandit Keith (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : America is not dead.

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty) : I know we won World War II, but America has become Zombieland because the world has been overrun by zombies.

Zombie Zelda : Everyone shut the [EFF] up!

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Anyway, here's how you can help. Go to the comments section and post a Youtube video featuring Yuma speaking in English, and the one with the best quality will be used for Yuma in Super Smash Bros...

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty) : ZOMBIES.

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Don't interrupt me.

Zombie Zelda : Super Smash Bros. Crossover!

Marik Ishtar (Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged) : Hey, thats my line. By the way, why are you in a business suit?

Mr. Popo (DBZ Abridged) : Anyway, start posting videos, or you'll get eaten.


  • This is the first community message since Season 14.
  • Jigglypuff saying America is now Zombieland is a reference to the film with the same name.
  • Zombie Zelda wearing a business suit is a reference to the fact that she is a lawyer.
  • Marik quotes The Annoying Orange when he says "Hey, thats my line", which Orange says when someone else says his catchphrases.
  • Marik begins using the line "FRIG" from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged.
  • This is the first community message with external links.
  • Bandit Keith makes his debut, though it is unknown how he survived the zombie apocalypse.
  • Starting with this message, every community message uses the new format introduced.

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