Evil Bowser

Evil Bowser is the manifestation of the Heroes of Legend's inner darkness that was purged from their souls and is the fourth identity of Coredegon.


Evil Bowser first appeared when Mario was chasing down the Heroes of Legend within one of Bowser's castles. Evil Bowser then proceeded to fight Mario in the collapsing castle, but was ultimately defeated by Mario, but not before splitting into two.

Evil Bowser later fought against Luigi in another of Bowser's castles, but was defeated again when Luigi destroyed the bridge they fought on. This second Evil Bowser was burned alive and became Dry Bowser.

During the Season 25 finale, Evil Bowser is revealed to be Mechtavius Destroyer after Sonic the Hedgehog exposes his identity.

Evil Bowser reappeared in Season 27, where he fought Mario just like in his debut.


  • Evil Bowser looks identical to the original Bowser, unlike other villains who have a similar appearance to a hero.
  • Evil Bowser's personality could be compared to Bowser's original personality prior to the Neo Smash Champion Tourney.

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