Evil Rising is the first Super Smash Bros. Crossover movie. It focuses around the reincarnated Gigadark Bowser and his new friend Boo Rock's own struggle against Yami Bakura.


Gigadark Bowser Jr. (Main Protagonist)

Boo Rock (Dueteragonist)

Red (Tritagonist)

Shy Gree

Dark T.


Yami Bakura (Main Antagonist)


  • This movie is canon to Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • For the first time in history, Naruto Uzumaki is not the main character for this movie.
  • This movie can be considered part of the Yami Bakura Arc.
  • This movie occurs during Season 20, yet the Akatsuki don't appear, though this is most likely because Yami Bakura is the main villain, and the Akatsuki are elsewhere.

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