Falco Lombardi

Falco Lombardi is a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 21. In Season 7, Falco and Fox McCloud attempted to fight Titanium Mecha Sonic, but was soon put on the sidelines. In Season 10, Falco, along with Diddy Kong, was one of the only high tiers who didn't get corrupted by Zombie Reed. Falco later attempts to protect the Beam Sword from Lena Isis, but was beaten to a pulp and would've been killed if Fox didn't break free. Falco reappears after a long absence in Season 21, where he is captured by the villains. In Season 34, Falco accepts the fact that the Heroes of Legend have to live their lives the way they want to even if they commit evil acts, and states during their confrontation in Norfair that the other heroes will shoulder their hatred and bring it with them to their graves.


Falco's appearance is based off his appearance in Brawl.


Falco is very arrogant and overconfident, and he has the strength to back it up. However, he cares deeply about his friends, especially Fox. Falco is also willing to risk his life in order to prevent disaster, as shown when he attempted to fight Lena Isis in order to protect the Beam Sword even though he had no chance of winning.

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