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The Fight to the Finish 2 Arc is the final chapter of the Mechtogan War Arc and Season 23 overall. This arc focuses on the Dark Heroes of Legend as they try to redeem themselves in the eyes of their friends while going up against the Pecking Order, Mechtavius Destroyer, the villains of the world, the Eggman Empire, the Vampire Avengers, and the mysterious V.E.G.A. organization. Midway through the arc, the Offspring of Zorc return to their antagonistic ways after being tempted to do so by Mechtavius Destroyer. At the end of the arc, Mechtavius Destroyer is finally killed by the combined efforts of Naruto, Sonic, Shadow, Goku, Vegeta, and Dragonoid Destroyer.

Main CharactersEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

Heroes of the World


The Offspring of Zorc (Deceased)

Renegade Mechtogan Faction

  • Coredegon (Deceased)
  • Slycerak (Deceased)
  • Exostriker (Deceased)
  • Mandibor (Deceased)

Pecking Order (Deceased)

Eggman Empire

  • Dr. Eggman (Modern, Dreamcast, and Classic versions)
  • Metal Sonic (Modern, Dreamcast, and Classic versions)

V.E.G.A. (Debut)

  • Katashi the Wolf
  • Tekno
  • Taria

Vampire Avengers

  • Captain America (Earth-3931)
  • Wasp (Earth-3931)
  • Giant-Man (Earth-3931)
  • Hawkeye (Earth-3931)
  • Falcon (Earth-3931)
  • Polaris (Earth-3931)

Zombie Avengers

  • Sentry (Earth-Z)
  • Quasar (Earth-Z)
  • Super-Skrull (Earth-Z)
  • Quicksilver (Earth-Z)
  • Thundra (Earth-Z)
  • Namor (Earth-Z)
  • Moon Knight (Earth-Z)

League of Villains

Creepypasta Army Faction

Bakugan SeenEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

  • Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid (Drago) [Also used by Dan]
    • Pyrus Iron Dragonoid (Drago's Mutation)
  • Haos Reptak [Also used by Dan]
  • Haos Aranaut
  • Darkus Linehalt
  • Darkus Razenoid
  • Darkus Infinity Helios (Clone)
  • Haos Mutant Elfin
  • Pyrus Bolcanon (Deceased)
  • Aquos Krakenoid (Deceased)
  • Darkus Horridian (Deceased)
  • Ventus Spyron (Deceased)
  • Haos Krowll (Deceased)
  • Subterra Vertexx (Deceased)

Heroes of the World

  • Pyrus Fusion Dragonoid (Drago) [also used by the Dark Heroes of Legend]
  • Haos Reptak [also used by the Dark Heroes of Legend]
  • Aquos Preyas
  • Aquos Minx Elfin
  • Aquos Akwimos
  • Aquos Infinity Trister
  • Aquos Radizen
  • Subterra Roxtor
  • Ventus Master Ingram
  • Ventus Hawktor
  • Ventus Taylean
  • Ventus Jaakor
  • Darkus Skytruss
  • Darkus Orbeum
  • Subterra Rex Vulcan
  • Darkus Infinity Helios (Original)
  • Darkus Alpha Hydranoid
  • Aquos Phosphos
  • Haos Contestir
  • Subterra Avior
  • Ventus Plitheon
  • Haos Blade Tiggrera
  • Subterra Hammer Gorem
  • Subterra Magma Wilda
  • Haos Saint Nemus
  • Darkus Knight Percival
  • Subterra Coredem
  • Haos Wolfurio
  • Subterra Boulderon
  • Pyrus Krakix (Deceased)
  • Aquos Lythirius (Deceased)
  • Ventus Strikeflier (Deceased)
  • Pyrus Ziperator
  • Aquos Ziperator
  • Ventus Ziperator
  • Subterra Ziperator
  • Haos Spidaro
  • Darkus Clawsaurus


  • Pyrus Razenoid
  • Haos Razenoid
  • Aquos Razenoid
  • Ventus Razenoid
  • Subterra Razenoid
  • Combat Razenoid
  • Clear Razenoid

Nonet Bakugan

  • Darkus Betadron (Deceased)
  • Darkus Kodokor (Deceased)
  • Darkus Mutabrid (Deceased)
  • Pyrus Spatterix (Deceased)
  • Subterra Stronk (Deceased)
  • Aquos Balista (Deceased)
  • Ventus Worton (Deceased)
  • Haos Tremblar (Deceased)


Darkus Evolved Razenoid

Chaos Bakugan

  • Darkus Cyclone Percival (thousands)
  • Ventus Flash Ingram (thousands)
  • Subterra Iron Dragonoid (thousands)
  • Pyrus Iron Dragonoid

Other BakuganEdit

  • Pyrus Meta Dragonoid
  • Pyrus Infinity Trister
  • Pyrus Infinity Helios
  • Pyrus Gorem
  • Pyrus Blade Tiggrera
  • Pyrus Storm Skyress
  • Pyrus Reaper
  • Pyrus BakuBronze Cyborg Helios
  • Pyrus Evil Twin Helix Dragonoid
  • Pyrus BakuCamo Lumino Dragonoid
  • Haos Jaakor
  • Haos Flash Ingram
  • Haos Damakor
  • Haos Saurus
  • Haos Ravenoid
  • Haos/Subterra Mercury Dragonoid
  • Subterra Fusion Dragonoid
  • Subterra Sabator
  • Subterra Reaper
  • Subterra Stinglash
  • Subterra Shadow Vulcan
  • Subterra Evil Twin Coredem
  • Aquos Orbeum
  • Aquos Serpenoid
  • Aquos Falconeer
  • Ventus Snapzoid
  • Ventus Warius
  • Ventus Centipoid
  • Ventus Limulus (x2)
  • Darkus Dragonoid
  • Darkus Krakix
  • Darkus Avior
  • Darkus Cyclone Percival

Battle Gear SeenEdit

Dark Heroes of LegendEdit

  • Silver Battle Crusher
  • Silver Boomix

Heroes of the WorldEdit

  • Gold Gigarth
  • Silver Swayther
  • Silver Terrorcrest
  • Gold Spartablaster
  • Silver Lashor
  • Silver Vilantor Gear
  • Copper Rock Hammer
  • Silver Vicer
  • Silver Razoid
  • Gold Battle Turbine

BakuNano SeenEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

  • Silver Bombaplode
  • Gold Sonicanon (x2)
  • Gold Hyper Pulsor (Destroyed)
  • Silver Jamsaber (Destroyed)
  • Gold Aeroblaze (Destroyed)
  • Gold Daftorix (Destroyed)
  • Gold Slicerix (Destroyed)
  • Silver Orehammer (Destroyed)

Heroes of the World

  • Silver Crosstriker
  • Gold Hammermor
  • Silver Bombaplode
  • Gold Lanzato
  • Gold Slingpike


  • Copper Shoxrox (thousands)
  • Silver Spearax (thousands)

Mobile Assaults SeenEdit

Dark Heroes of LegendEdit

  • Rapilator
  • Zoompha
  • Cannonfury

Heroes of the WorldEdit

  • Cannonfury
  • Zoompha

Battle Suits SeenEdit


  • Combustoid
  • Blasterate
  • Defendtrix
  • Doomtronic
  • Clawbruk
  • Fortatron

Bakugan Combinations SeenEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

  • Pyrus/Haos Aeroblitz (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Fusion Dragonoid and Reptak) [Shared with Dan]
  • Aquos/Haos Mutant Krakenoid (BakuMutation of Krakenoid and Krowll) [Unable to form anymore]
  • Haos/Aquos Mutant Krowll (BakuMutation of Krowll and Krakenoid) [Unable to form anymore]

Heroes of the World

  • Pyrus/Haos Aeroblitz (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Fusion Dragonoid and Reptak [Shared with the Dark Heroes of Legend]
  • Aquos/Subterra Betakor (BakuFusion of Radizen and Roxtor)
  • Ventus/Darkus Magmafury (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Jaakor, Skytruss, and Orbeum)

Nonet Bakugan (Unable to form anymore)

  • Darkus Gliderak (Baku Sky Raider Combination of Betadron, Kodokor, and Mutabrid)
  • Pyrus/Subterra Scorptak (BakuFusion of Spatterix and Stronk)
  • Aquos/Ventus Volkaos (BakuFusion of Balista and Worton)

Mechtogan SeenEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

  • Darkus Dreadeon
  • Darkus Slynix
  • Haos Accelerak
  • Pyrus Deezall (Deceased)
  • Aquos Venexus (Deceased)
  • Darkus Smasheon (Deceased)
  • Ventus Braxion (Deceased)
  • Haos Miserak (Deceased)
  • Subterra Rockfist (Deceased)

Heroes of the World

  • Pyrus Zenthon
  • Aquos Accelerak
  • Aquos Flytris
  • Ventus Silent Strike
  • Ventus Thorak
  • Darkus Slynix
  • Haos Swift Sweep
  • Subterra Vexfist
  • Haos Chromopod


  • Pyrus Dreadeon
  • Haos Dreadeon
  • Aquos Dreadeon
  • Subterra Dreadeon
  • Ventus Dreadeon


Renegade Mechtogan Faction (also major antagonists in this arc)

  • Darkus Coredegon (Deceased)
  • Pyrus Slycerak (Deceased)
  • Haos Exostriker (Deceased)
  • Aquos Mandibor (Deceased)

Darkus Dreadeon

Mechtogan Titans SeenEdit


Dark Heroes of Legend

  • Aquos Venexus Titan (Deceased)
  • Darkus Razen Titan

Heroes of the World

  • Pyrus Zenthon Titan
  • Ventus Faser Titan


  • Pyrus Razen Titan
  • Haos Razen Titan
  • Aquos Razen Titan
  • Subterra Razen Titan
  • Ventus Razen Titan


Darkus Razen Titan

Mechtogan Combinations SeenEdit

  • Aquos/Ventus Duomechtra (Combination of Flytris and Thorak)

Mechtogan Destroyers SeenEdit

Dark Heroes of Legend & Heroes of the WorldEdit

  • Pyrus Dragonoid Destroyer


  • Darkus/Pyrus/Haos/Aquos Mechtavius Destroyer (Deceased)


  • This is the second arc to be named Fight to the Finish.
  • This arc has the biggest amount of characters.
  • It is revealed that BEN and Zombie Zelda are artificial beings that were created by Coredegon to cause the Dark Heroes of Legend to suffer.
  • Mutant Elfin's backstory is revealed.
  • This arc continues the references to Sonic '06, with Mephiles the Dark and Iblis appearing.
  • It is revealed that there are areas within the White Space, including those from alternate timelines.
  • This is the first time since the Mind Maze Arc that Nightshroud has played a major role.
  • This is the first time since Season 17 that Razanak has appeared.
  • This is the first arc with a theme song.
  • Tikal and Chaos are the only characters not to appear, as they hid in Smash City, to safely escape from Mechtavius Destroyer


thumb|500px|right|Fight to the Finish 2 Arc theme

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