Demon Sonic

Sonic.exe with his iconic catchphrase

Sonic.exe, also known as Fleetway Super Sonic or the World's Most Feared Hedgehog, is a malevolent entity and the son of Aleena.exe, one of the Creator's children. Sonic.exe is the main antagonist of Super Smash Bros. Crossover, being the one truly responsible for everything that has happened. As Fleetway Super Sonic, Sonic.exe could combine with Nazo, BEN, and Zombie Zelda with Chaos Fusion. However, Sonic.exe was also able to combine with Scourge the Hedgehog to create Fleetway Scourge.


Working for the Dark Star X and Forming A PlanEdit

Sonic.EXE was later contacted by the Dark Star X, who promised Sonic.exe freedom if he spread negative emotions throughout the universe and broke the seal on him. Sonic.exe agreed to this deal under the cover that the Dark Star X created him, and eventually gave birth to the other creepypastas under the Dark Star X's orders, and formed the Pecking Order with the intention of seeking out a suitable vessel for the Dark Star X. Under the Dark Star X's orders, Sonic.exe saved Solaris from being erased from existence by splitting him back into Mephiles the Dark and Iblis, and tore a fragment of Mephiles and Iblis after remerging them to give birth to their reincarnations, Starly (Mephiles' reincarnation) and the Nomadic Mechtogan, consisting of Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor (Iblis' reincarnations). Sonic.exe then put a piece of Mephiles within the White Space to effectively erase Mephiles from existence while keeping him alive. Sonic.exe then told the reborn Mephiles that he must gather energy if he wants to be whole again. Sonic.exe then ambushed Nazo and sprung Mephiles on him, who stole Nazo's power and became the new Master Hand. Sonic.exe then infected Nazo with a lethal virus known as the EXE Virus that will eventually kill Nazo when Sonic.exe wants it to, now having the life of the one who caused his mother's suffering in his hands. Sonic.exe then leaves the weakened Nazo to die as Mephiles resets the world, fully aware that Nazo was saved by a time-travelling Shadow the Hedgehog. Sonic.exe later met up with Orochimaru and gave him information about Ascent Mode while telling Orochimaru to write it down, fully aware that Orochimaru wouldn't care about Ascent Mode since it won't help him in his plan to become the ultimate being. Some time later, Sonic.exe convinced Mephiles to establish a training institution for young and upcoming Smashers known as Cocoon Academy, with Sonic.exe's motives being to determine who would fight the good fight and who would generate negative energy to revive the Dark Star X. Sonic.exe later met up with Mephiles again, telling him that Orochimaru gave his book on Ascent Mode to a girl named Midna, and deceived Mephiles into thinking that Midna would attempt to rebel against him. After Mephiles is impaled by Midna during her escape, Sonic.exe returns and taunts Mephiles while telling him not to pursue Midna as she would meet up with Madara Uchiha and join his cause, effectively making her an ally to Mephiles. Before leaving, Sonic.exe revealed that Nazo was still alive to Mephiles while telling Shadow (who was travelling in time to learn the truth of the rebellion Ganondorf began) that Princess Peach was 4 years old when Khyber murdered Miyo and separated Peach from Nazo, and that this event occurred during the Nine-Tailed Fox's attack on the Hidden Leaf Village. Years later, Sonic.exe met up with Mephiles once more, and informed the enraged Mephiles that Nazo married Miyo Uchiha and gave birth to a healthy daughter named Peach. Sonic.exe then brought in Khyber the Huntsman, albeit reluctantly due to Khyber's role in Aleena.exe's death, and informed Mephiles that Nazo was in the Hidden Leaf Village while telling Khyber to find Nazo and his family before the Nine-Tailed Fox is released, which Khyber does. Sonic.exe then leaves, telling Mephiles that this is the last time they will meet. Sonic.exe later locates Nazo as he flees the Hidden Leaf Village with Peach, and activates the EXE Virus to weaken Nazo, allowing Khyber's Pet to attack Nazo and make him drop Peach into a ravine, effectively deceiving Mephiles into thinking that Khyber succeeded in eliminating Nazo and deceiving Khyber into thinking that Peach died from the fall, as Sonic.exe wanted Peach to survive for his own ambitions and also didn't want Peach to suffer like he did. Sonic.exe then proceeded to save the infant Peach as she fell, but not before Peach hit her head on a rock, and began to calm her down, promising that he would remind her of her heritage as an Uchiha and help her achieve vengeance on Mephiles for ruining her life before bandaging her head wound and converting her bundle into a bikini that Peach would wear until she was found by Midna later on and brought to the Mushroom Kingdom Royal Family. When Princess Peach moved out on her own and struggled to make a living, Sonic.exe brought Peach to a private sanctuary he built for her and provided her with the proper rent. Sonic.exe then attempted to get Midna to join his cause through Dark Link, as she became a pacifist after the Nine-Tailed Fox's attack left Naruto Uzumaki an orphan, only to be turned down every time, although he managed to confirm his reliability by arranging Midna's meeting with the original Wolf, making Sonic.exe responsible for the birth of the present day Wolf O'Donnell. During one of these visits, Sonic.exe learned about Bowser, and sought to make Bowser into his ally by showing him the truth about the world, although he would become conflicted with himself after realizing through studying Bowser that this would involve killing Princess Peach. At some point in time, Sonic.exe traveled to Earth-2149 at the moment of its time paradox where Zombie Reed would travel to Earth-1610, and convinced him to travel to Earth-616 instead, as he needed Zombie Spider-ManZombie WaspZombie Wolverine, and Zombie Iron Man for his plans. Sonic.exe also came into possession of the Cosmic Cube at some point in his life, further amplifying his powers. 

The Wiseman Protocols, Initiating Operation: DSX, and Identity RevealedEdit

In Season 35, Fleetway Super Sonic temporarily falls under Coredegon's control after he activates the Wiseman Protocol. However, Fleetway Super Sonic later breaks free from Coredegon's control, and begins putting the final phases of his plan to ressurect the Dark Star X into action after Solaris is revived. Later, when Starly manipulates Sasuke into going after the other Master Hands, Fleetway Super Sonic confronts Naurto Uzumaki and tells him about the history of the Dark Star X and that the League of Villains and Madara's intentions were to use Sasuke to spread negative emotions throughout the universe to release the Dark Star X under the impression that they would obtain the "Ultimate Power". Fleetway Super Sonic then flees, telling Naruto to head to the highest point of Subspace for the final showdown with Sasuke. Later, during Sasuke's assault on the other Master Hands, Fleetway Super Sonic transforms into his true form, Sonic.exe, and works with Starly to begin the ressurect ritual. When the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune attempt to convince Sasuke to stop and reveal what Madara and the other villains intend to do to Sasuke, Sonic.exe personally intervenes and tells Sasuke to hurry up and kill Polygon Master Hand. After Sasuke does this, Sonic.exe laughs manically as the Dark Star X is revived, and proceeds to deal with the Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune (excluding Naruto) while Starly faces off with Naruto. After Sasuke and the Dark Star X merge together, Sonic.exe begins laughing manically once again while declaring that the end of all reality is at hand, and proceeds to explain his backstory to the Heroes of Legend. When Sasuke attacks Naruto to settle their rivalry once and for all, Sonic.exe rewrites the Wiseman Protocol as the EXE Protocol and creates a barrier to keep the other Heroes of Legend and Creator's Triune at bay while he pulls Sonic into his world, stating that he has been waiting so long for this day. Although Sonic.exe manages to torture Sonic mentally by making him incapable of stopping any murders Sonic.exe commits in his own world, Sonic.exe is ultimately defeated by the combined efforts of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Mecha Sally, although Sonic.exe takes the opprotunity to mock Sonic for "letting" Mecha Sally die after Mecha Sally dies from her injuries. After Sasuke defeats Naruto in their own battle, Sonic.exe contemplates on whether Sasuke was indeed the proper vessel for the Dark Star X or not. 

Kabuto and Solaris' Final Stand and the Death of the Heroes of LegendEdit

However, it is revealed that Sonic.exe's true motive for commiting suicide was to ensure that the Heroes of Legend finally died from the Kabuto Virus so that Kabuto could possess Master Hand for the final phase of his plan to remake the world in everyone's image. Sonic.exe is subsequently revived by Kabuto after he takes control of Master Hand and revives the Heroes of Legend for the final showdown. After Kabuto's defeat, Sonic.exe visits the Heroes of Legend in the hospital, where he reveals their roles in his plans to them. However, Sonic.exe is sealed away by the Heroes of Legend in their final attempt to save the Smash World from ruin.

Freedom and Change of HeartEdit

Despite being sealed, Sonic.exe is able to view the Smash World from within his CD prison, and is nearly freed by the A.I. of Kabuto Yakushi through Starly, but remains trapped since Starly has become emotionless. However, Sonic.exe's CD is given to Blaze the Cat to play after the Revolutionaries fall for Kabuto's lie that releasing Sonic.exe will ensure victory. Blaze takes Sonic.exe into the room where the Heroes of Legend's past incarnation's bodies are being frozen and preserved, and Sonic.exe becomes saddened after seeing Jill Sheen, Necrosis Haruno, and Neon mourn for their respective parents (Fabia Sheen and Psycho Kirby for Jill, Sakura Haruno for Necrosis, and Samus Aran and Yami Bakura for Neon), as he understands what it is like to lose a family member due to his tragic childhood. Sonic.exe becomes even sadder when Blaze breaks down in tears after talking to the past Silver the Hedgehog's corpse, and reveals that while he despised Nazo, he never wanted Princess Peach to die, revealing his reluctance to orphan her as a child and cause her death during the First Cycle, and curses Kabuto for his actions. During Blaze's playthrough of his game, despite constantly shouting his iconic quotes, Sonic.exe doesn't attempt to torment Blaze and casually talks to her at each Character Select interval, as he reassures Blaze when Tails.exe is killed that he isn't the real Tails, but is surprised after Knuckles.exe is killed when Blaze states that she is feeling a mix of sadness at sending the EXEs to their deaths and sadistic delight at their suffering. Blaze's fear and despair ultimately releases Sonic.exe from his prison, and Sonic.exe agrees to rejoin the Revolutionaries after confirming he has no intention of reviving Kabuto, but on the condition that the Revolutionaries put their differences aside and don't betray him. Sonic.exe then instructs Starly to give control to the Nomadic Mechtogan and proceeds to summon Coredegon, Slycerak, Exostriker, and Mandibor. Sonic.exe then has the Nomadic Mechtogan reanimate the previous incarnation of the Heroes of Legend to fight the reborn the Heroes of Legend with. Sonic.exe stays on the sidelines for most of the conflict, but is enraged when Ganondorf attacks Mechtavius Destroyer after having a change of heart, as he gave Ganondorf his power so he could destroy the Heroes of Legend. Sonic.exe then watches as the Heroes of Legend overwhelm Mechtavius Destroyer, but is betrayed by the Revolutionaries along with Mechtavius Destroyer, who proceed to seal them back in their respective prisons (CD for Sonic.exe and Scepter of Darkness for Mephiles, Iblis, Starly, and Mechtavius Destroyer). Sonic.exe's CD is then put on Neji Hyuga's corpse along with the Scepter of Darkness by Zero so that the Revolutionaries can fight at full power. During the fight, Sonic.exe comments on Sonic's statement that he never fought for justice and only for the ones he cares about, and gains some respect for Sonic. Sonic.exe then says that if the Heroes of Legend really want to save the Smash World, then they should prove it through their actions like they always have and rely on their power rather than the power Kabuto gave them. Later, when Gwen Tennyson begins to decimate the Heroes of Legend and their allies, Sonic.exe comments on how Kabuto created quite a monster and begins laughing sadistically. However, Sonic.exe's sadistic delight turns to fear when Obito Uchiha attempts to liberate him so that Gwen can torture him, and refuses to activate his game when Mecha Sally puts his CD inside her. Sonic.exe then watches Ben Tennyson prepare to fight Gwen, and curses Kabuto for corrupting Gwen and forcing Ben to fight his cousin to the death. Sonic.exe then witnesses Master Hand sacrifice his life to save Ben, and is shocked when Master Hand reveals that he didn't order Solaris to have Aleena.exe killed, and reveals that he was considering having Aleena.exe be his successor until he noticed her power hungry nature and chose Nazo to set an example for her first, but still loved her as a daughter despite her betrayal to the point of being heartbroken when Aleena.exe was killed. Sonic.exe continues to watch the fight until Ryuk writes Gwen's name down in his Death Note, and is visibly saddened when he sees Gwen break down as she starts to die, especially when Gwen begs Sonic.exe and Kabuto, who is dead, to help her, asking why he should help her when she threatened to kill him. Sonic.exe then sees Ben break down when Gwen finally dies from the Death Note's effects, and asks Mecha Sally to release him, which she does. Although the Heroes of Legend and their allies are prepared for the worst, Sonic.exe states that he doesn't want to fight them now, and helps bury Gwen and Master Hand in front of Peach's Castle. While Gwen and Master Hand are buried, Sonic.exe takes the time to explain to Sasuke, Princess Peach, and Rosalina the full story behind the Uchiha clan's Curse of Hatred; while the Uchiha may have inherited the hatred from their ancestor, the Uchiha treasured love and friendship even more than their own clan, and because of this, an Uchiha's love turns into a stronger hatred the moment they lose the ones they hold dear to them, which is why Obito turned out the way he did when Rin died. After Ben and Kevin Levin leave two yellow roses (Gwen's favorite flower) on Gwen's grave and the Heroes of Legend and their allies leave, Sonic.exe tells the Revolutionaries to go on ahead without him. Once he is alone, Sonic.exe begins to cry, having realized that Master Hand wasn't the villain he believed him to be and out of guilt for helping Kabuto destroy Gwen's sanity and killing the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World's past incarnation. Sonic.exe then vows that while he still intends to remake the world as an act of revenge, it is now towards Solaris for taking his mother away from him, and if Kabuto is ever reborn, he will kill him for the rest of time.


Sonic.exe's true form is nearly identical to Sonic, except that his eyes are red with black sclera, he has bloody tears covering his face, and he has fangs which Sonic lacks outside of his Werehog form.

As Fleetway Super Sonic, Sonic.exe looks identical to Super Sonic except that his fur isn't smooth and his pupils are replaced by red swirls.


Sonic.exe is the most sadistic antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Sonic.exe even acknowledges this by saying how he has a monstrous personality. Sonic.exe enjoys tormenting people for a living. Sonic.exe's sadistic nature is even greater due to the fact that he never really kills his victims, but instead tortures them in the worst way possible. In fact, when Sonic.exe does kill someone, it is the most gruesome thing he can ever do, because once Sonic.exe becomes bored with a victim, he consumes the victim's soul completely, erasing them from existence.

However, Sonic.exe's darkest personality trait is how he idolizes Sonic the Hedgehog, as he based his form off of Sonic's, based his world off a darker version of Mobius, and turns his victims into their favorite Sonic characters. Due to how he idolizes Sonic, Sonic.exe is eager to torture Sonic himself, and expresses disappointment at how Sonic is more serious than the Sonic he idolized. Sonic.exe would later come to respect Sonic after hearing Sonic state that he never cared about justice, only fighting to protect those he cares about.

Due to his immense power, Sonic.exe views himself as a god, and considers humans as his toys. Sonic.exe also despises both God and the Devil, as he considers them unfit to rule over what he sees as his toys. Due to this god complex, Sonic.exe is very prideful and refuses to allow anyone to control him, as shown with Coredegon's inability to control Sonic.exe.

Like the majority of the villains, Sonic.exe is a master manipulator, as he was able to decieve every villain in the primary dimension into working together to use Sasuke to spread negative emotions so the Dark Star X could be released under the impression that the Dark Star X was the "Ultimate Power".

Sonic.exe is also very destructive, as he enjoys killing people and causing bloodshed. In fact, Sonic.exe doesn't care about the Dark Star X's desire for revenge, only helping it so he could live in the primary dimension and cause massive destruction. Despite his love for bloodshed, Sonic.exe prefers to be the one causing the bloodshed and will show fear if he is one of the people being slaughtered, as he refused to activate his CD when Mecha Sally inserted it in her because Gwen Tennyson was torturing her former allies at the time. Despite his destructive nature, Sonic.exe is also quite intelligent, being able to concoot plans that spread across decades and knowing how to get people on his side, and is fully aware of the truth behind the Uchiha clan's Curse of Hatred.

If Sonic.exe is defeated by anyone, he will not stop until he gets even with them, as shown with his constant attacks on Sonic to the point where he was willing to possess Metal Solaris to not only fufill his ambitions, but to get revenge on Sonic.

Sonic.exe also enjoys instigating conflicts in the world, as he possessed Sonic during his final battle against Dr. Robotnik knowing that Metal Sonic would want revenge on him as a result, and willingly gave his power to Ganondorf and Zelda for their rebellion, an event that fills Sonic.exe with both pleasure and sadness at the memory of it.

Despite his immense power, Sonic.exe is aware of his limits and is capable of acknowledging someone as a threat, as he considers Blaze a threat to his power and realizes that Naruto's ability to change others will ruin his plans, as he begins attempting to end Naruto's life as well as Sonic, Sasuke, and Zero's lives, the latter two being responsible for Starly's change of heart, and therefore a threat to Sonic.exe as well.

During Shadow's trip into the past, Sonic.exe is shown to be a nihilistic individual, which Sonic.exe confirms to be true when he reveals his intentions to Naruto, Sasuke, Sonic, Zero, Kirby, and Shadow. Even when Sonic vows to make Sonic.exe pay for his actions, Sonic.exe's nihilistic side remains strong, as he declares that the world is rotten and that he is needed to guide it into a new era. Sonic.exe is also shown to be a master of deception, as he fooled Mephiles and Ganondorf into thinking he was their ally, only to betray them in the end for his dark ambitions.

During the final showdown with Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan, it is revealed that Sonic.exe's negative view on the world is due to the death of his mother, Aleena.exe. Having learned that Master Hand chose Nazo as his successor over Aleena.exe, which led to Aleena.exe's defection and subsequent death at Khyber's hand, along with Khyber's words that to one must fend for himself to survive in the world, Sonic.exe came to believe that the world is rotten and vowed to remake the world in his own twisted image in an act of revenge against the Smash World for his mother's death. Due to this, Sonic.exe has compared himself to Naruto and Sasuke due to their similar circumstances, stating to Naruto and Sasuke that they aren't so different after all.

In Season 38, Sonic.exe shows a more emotional side rather than his usual cruelty, as he was saddened inside when he saw Jill Sheen, Necrosis Haruno, and Neon mourn for the deceased past incarnations of Fabia Sheen and Psycho Kirby, Sakura Haruno, and Samus Aran and Yami Bakura, as he could understand what it is like to lose a parent due to the death of Aleena.exe, and shows sadness when Blaze breaks downs in tears after she talks to Silver the Hedgehog's corpse. Sonic.exe even reveals that while he did hate Nazo, he didn't despise Princess Peach because she was Nazo's child, and even hesitated to send Khyber after Nazo's family because he didn't want Peach to be alone like he was, subsequently proceeding to fake Peach's death behind Mephiles' back and secretly took care of Peach from the shadows to compensate, and was reluctant to have her killed during Ganondorf's rebellion to the point where he stripped Ganondorf and Zelda of their enhanced power after seeing Peach die painfully, then cradled her corpse after everyone who fought Zelda left while tearfully apologizing for causing her to die, and made a personal tradition of not killing people on the anniversary of the rebellion or Peach's birthday, during which he would visit the grave of her past incarnation and pay his respects as an apology, and curses Kabuto for killing the Heroes of Legend. Sonic.exe also shows anger multiple times during the fight against the Heroes of Legend and their allies, including when Ganondorf betrays the Revolutionaries after having a change of heart, as Ganondorf promised along with the other Revolutionaries not to betray his trust, and when Ben started to cry at the thought of killing Gwen, although Sonic.exe's anger was towards Kabuto for corrupting Gwen and forcing Ben into this situation. Sonic.exe also reveals that even though he is a monster, he does have his standards, as he cursed Kabuto for using the Kabuto Virus to kill the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World and said that even Gwen was going too far. Later, when Master Hand sacrifices himself to save Ben from Gwen, Sonic.exe is shocked when Master Hand states that he was going to choose his mother, Aleena.exe as his successor and only chose Nazo due to Aleena.exe's lust for power, but still loved Aleena.exe even when she defected and was heartbroken when he learned that Solaris ordered Aleena.exe's assassination, as Sonic.exe always viewed Master Hand as a monster who didn't care about his children unless they met his expectations. Sonic.exe then breaks down in tears, albeit after everyone else leaves due to his pride, after burying Master Hand and Gwen, expressing remorse for killing Nazo, ruining the Heroes of Legend and the Revolutionaries' lives, and helping Kabuto kill the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World. Sonic.exe then vows that while he still intends to remake the world, it is now an act of revenge towards Solaris and will kill Kabuto if he is ever reincarnated. Sonic.exe has since become more of a violent anti-hero, as he still retains his sadistic personality but only harbors hatred towards Solaris and anyone who is loyal to Solaris as well as Kabuto.

Interactions With Other CharactersEdit

Despite being the main antagonist of the series, Sonic.exe has only interacted with or acknowledges a few characters in the series.


Sonic.exe's closest relationship was the one he had with his mother, Aleena.exe. Aleena.exe, despite her plans to rebel against Master Hand, loved Sonic.exe more than anything else in the world, and even begged Khyber to have mercy on her son before dying. Sonic.exe was very happy with Aleena.exe, and her death had an emotional impact on Sonic.exe, as his mother's death was what shaped Sonic.exe into the monster he is today since he desires to remake the world in his twisted image as an act of revenge for Aleena.exe's death. Sonic.exe even commited suicide at one point to end Nazo's legacy for Aleena.exe. Even after learning the truth about Master Hand, Sonic.exe still vows to remake the world in an act of revenge for his mother, except his hatred is now directed towards Solaris instead of Aleena.exe.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic.exe's most prominent character interaction are the interactions he has with Sonic the Hedgehog. Having idolized Sonic for years, Sonic.exe wants to cause Sonic as much suffering as possible, and showed disappointment at Sonic's true personality. However, after being humiliated by Sonic, Sonic.exe seeks revenge on Sonic and will stop at nothing to break his will and get his revenge. Sonic.exe later regained his respect for Sonic after learning that Sonic has never fought for justice and only fights to protect those that he cares about, although Sonic.exe still wants to kill Sonic regardless.

Dark Star XEdit

Sonic.exe has been working for the Dark Star X ever he became the ruler of the EXE World. Despite this, Sonic.exe was never loyal to the Dark Star X, as he only worked for the artifact to gain his freedom, and upon gaining his freedom has severed all ties to the Dark Star X. Despite this, Sonic.exe did wonder if Sasuke was the proper vessel for the Dark Star X after Sasuke convinced the Dark Star X to merge with him, implying that Sonic.exe did want the Dark Star X to succeed.

Solaris (Mephiles the Dark/Starly & Iblis/Mechtavius Destroyer)Edit

Sonic.exe is responsible for Mephiles the Dark and Iblis' survival against Sonic, Shadow, and Silver the Hedgehog, as well as the birth of their reincarnations, Starly and Mechtavius Destroyer, and helped Mephiles in his rise to power by bringing him to Nazo. However, Sonic.exe harbors a great deal of hatred towards Mephiles since Solaris was the one who hired Khyber to murder his mother, as he deliberately endangered Mephiles by giving Orochimaru information on Ascent Mode, which Orochimaru gave to Midna, resulting in Mephiles being impaled by Midna. Sonic.exe also compromised Mephiles as well by faking Peach's death. Ultimately, Sonic.exe gave his power to Ganondorf so he could overthrow the Creator, effectively betraying Mephiles. Despite this, Sonic.exe was willing to work with Starly during the ressurection of the Dark Star X, and is determined to reignite Starly's hatred for the Creator for his plans, although his hatred for Starly is still dominant. After learning the truth about Master Hand, Sonic.exe directs his revenge towards Solaris as he acted against Master Hand and ruined his life.

Naruto UzumakiEdit

Sonic.exe initially viewed Naruto Uzumaki as an inconvenience and a waste of time, as he was more focused on destroying Sonic and was content with letting Sasuke defeat Naruto. However, after witnessing the Heroes of Legend's victories over the Heroes of the World and Kabuto Yakushi and noticing the Heroes of the World (excluding Blaze), Sasuke, and Metal Sonic's change of heart, Sonic.exe realizes that Naruto is a threat that must be eliminated. Despite this, Sonic.exe still views Naruto with slight contempt, as he tried to get Blaze to eliminate Naruto and convinced Princess Peach that Naruto, along with Sasuke, Zero, and Sonic, is an anomaly that will continue to endanger the world and continue to cause Bowser to suffer, hoping that Peach will eliminate Naruto before ultimately deciding to deal with Naruto, Sasuke, Zero, and Sonic himself.

Sasuke UchihaEdit

Sonic.exe initially viewed Sasuke Uchiha as nothing more than a vessel for the Dark Star X. However, after seeing the full extent of Sasuke's hatred, Sonic.exe became obsessed with Sasuke, and tried to form an alliance with the renegade Uchiha. Despite being turned down, Sonic.exe would provide Sasuke with various bits of information, and fully admitted to Sasuke that he was involved in Ganondorf's rebellion during the first cycle. Despite this, Sonic.exe views Sasuke as a threat, as he convinced Princess Peach that Sasuke was an anomaly that needed to be eliminated before deciding to deal with Sasuke himself. Regardless, Sonic.exe remains determined to sway Sasuke to his side.


Although they haven't really interacted, Sonic.exe is aware of Zero's history and views Zero as a threat since he was partly responsible for Starly's change of heart, and therefore needs to be eliminated. Despite this, Sonic.exe appears to want to unleash Zero's full potential.

Kabuto YakushiEdit

Sonic.exe found Kabuto Yakushi to be quite intriguing due to the lengths Kabuto has gone to in order to remake the world in everyone's image, and helped Kabuto develop the "cure" to the EXE Virus, the Kabuto Virus, by giving Kabuto his DNA. However, Sonic.exe considers Kabuto to be a burden as well, since he left Kabuto at his base after his failure to defeat the Heroes of Legend. Despite this, Sonic.exe and Kabuto were still able to cooperate and work together. However, after seeing the effect that the Heroes of Legend's deaths had on Jill, Necrosis, Neon, and Blaze, Sonic.exe became disgusted with Kabuto's actions, as he cursed Kabuto for killing the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World as well as corrupting Gwen and expressed remorse for helping Kabuto after Master Hand and Gwen died, vowing to kill every reincarnation of Kabuto if the psychopath ever returned.


Sonic.exe is obsessed with getting Bowser on his side, and orchestrated Ganondorf's rebellion with the intent of causing Princess Peach's death so that Bowser would lose faith in the world, and made sure Bowser would stay on this path by tearing the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World apart, which culminated in Bowser defecting from the Heroes of Legend to destroy the world as he no longer believes it can be saved, much to Sonic.exe's delight.

Theme SongEdit

Sonic Colours - Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 1 (Extended)

Sonic Colours - Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 1 (Extended)

Sonic.exe's Battle Theme