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GAMBO is an form composed of the biomes originating from Mushroom Kingdom and is one of the main antagonists of Super Smash Bros. Crossover. It was created by the Forerunners in Season 26 so that he can help them locate the Composer while they were exploring and observing Mushroom Kingdom in searching of the Composer. GAMBO is serves as an companion of the Forerunner army and is the arch enemy of Spartan Squad II.

History Edit

Following the escape of Ur-Didact on Requiem. He nows controls the Forerunners whom he tells them to begin searching the Composer. As the Forerunners investigated they couldn't find it leaving Ur-Didact in anger. One of the Forerunners 343 Guilty Spark comes up with an idea that the Dark Star can create an new strong form powerful enough to locate the Composer. The Forerunners soon observed every world in Mushroom Kingdom and have the Dark Star began combining and mutating the substances to create an form known as GAMBO.

Appearance Edit

GAMBO is composed of an mixture of various landscapes from Mushroom Kingdom with the face being the rotating block. GAMBO also has grass on his head which serves as his hair

Personality Edit

GAMBO is usually behaves silent, mysterious, and grim.

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