Geno is an old friend of Mario and a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover during the Evolution era. Geno first appears in Season 27 during the battle on Star Hill, where he battles alongside the heroes against Metal Mario, Lena Isis, and Mechtavius Destroyer. However, Geno is forced to flee his home when Metal Mario is apparently revealed to be nothing more than Zombie Reed's vessel. Following this event, Geno joins his old friend Mario and the Heroes of Legend as well as their allies on the Comet Observatory as they continue to fight against Metal Mario, who is later revealed to be a sentient being in his own right.


  • Geno is the first new protagonist character introduced in Season 27 who was never manipulated by a villain.
  • Geno is somewhat arrogant, as he usually proclaims while attacking that he is about to show people why he is so awesome.

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