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Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket and a major antagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover during the second half of Season 16. Giovanni was recruited by Ganondorf to help him with his plans. Giovanni first appears when Bowser and Zombie Reed are teleported to Ganondorf's headquarters. Bowser eventually realizes his identity, but soon shifts his focus towards Thrax. However, Ganondorf arrives, causing Giovanni to scowl at him, meaning he joined Ganondorf because he knew he couldn't stand up to him. Giovanni is later sent to capture Samus Aran as part of Ganondorf's plan, but is forced to fight Colonel America instead. At the end of Season 16, Giovanni decides to join the other villains. Giovanni reappears in Season 21, where he and Professor Viper explain why the heroes must eliminated to The Dark Surfer and Giant Marth.

Giovanni reappears in Season 29, where he attempts to kill the League of Villains after having Dr. Eggman and Albedo create the Portable PokeManiac, which he sends to his son, Silver, as a late birthday present. Giovanni later rejoins the villains in Season 30, and is focused on recruiting Silver to their side. However, Giovanni is nearly killed twice by his son's Quilava due to Silver's hatred toward his father, but is saved by Pikachu and Pichu.


Giovanni's appearance is based off his appearance in FireRed and LeafGreen.


Giovanni is cold and ruthless, as Bowser realized his identity due to his reputation. However, Giovanni has his pride, as he joined Ganondorf reluctantly and shows dislike towards him. Giovanni is much more hostile in Season 29, as he tried to kill the other villains and openly angers them during their meeting prior to The Grand Finale. Starting with Season 30, Giovanni tries to get Silver to join him, which was believed to be because he wants to spend quality time with his son, but Giovanni later reveals Silver's cold-hearted nature would make him a perfect candidate for membership as a member of the League of Villains, apparently not caring about Silver as a father should. However, Giovanni truly does care about Silver, as he put himself at risk to save Silver when the heroes went out of control, getting injured in the process. Even though Giovanni does care for Silver, he hides it from the other villains due to his pride.


  • Giovanni is the first antagonist to hail from Pokemon.
  • Giovanni is the only character Ganondorf recruited that didn't appear previously, as Thrax appeared during the first half of Season 15.

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