The Gundalia Flood Outbreak is an ongoing plague that occurs in Gundalia in Season 26 when Pridak under the orders of Makuta Teridax and Ur-Didact had released The Flood to attack and infect many residing Gundalians and Bakugan. After the Gravemind was formed and took control of The Flood, The Flood become more deadly enough to infect the Mechtogan especially Mechtavius Destroyer. Chaos soon transformed into his Perfect Chaos form and tried to stop the epidemic. He managed to defeat every Bakugan Combat Form and eventually hold off the Gravemind. Unfortunately Perfect Chaos was too late discovering that the planet is infested and now officially the territory of The Flood.

Victims Edit

Mag Mel/Emperor Barodius

Ren Krawler

Bakugan Edit







Mechtogan/Mechotgan Destroyer Edit






Venexus Titan

Mechtavius Destroyer

Survivors Edit

Chaos (Perfect Chaos Form)


Glatorian Guardians

Spartan Squad II

Spartan Squad

Trivia Edit

  • Somehow the Gravemind was unable to infect Perfect Chaos which was likely due to the fact that Chaos is made of liquid and The Flood can only infect characters that are solid.
  • Coredegon tried to escape the outbreak, however he was weakend and badly wounded after Makuta Teridax in his (Great Spirit Robot form) knocked him down and Ur-Didact along with his Promethean army partially melted him.
  • Whenever an Bakugan or Mechtogan gets infected by The Flood, they are later absorbed by the Gravemind causing it become more larger and deadlier.
  • As Dragonoid Destroyer tries to stop the outbreak, it is destroyed after an massive army of Promethean Knights melt him off forcing Drago to leave,

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