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Gunz Lazar

Gunz Lazar is a major character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Gunz made frequent cameos after Wiseman was revealed to be Coredegon, being unconscious and trapped by roots. Gunz later awakens while Wiseman is accelerating the Dark Heroes of Legend's metamorphisis. After Coredegon decides to abandon the Wiseman persona, he gives the Wiseman helmet to Gunz. Gunz soon succumbs to temptation because of the Dark Heroes of Legend, and puts on Wiseman's helmet, unintentionally making Wiseman a free agent. Gunz assumes the Wiseman persona for some time until Reptak convinces him to abandon the Wiseman identity, which Gunz does. However, Gunz gives the Wiseman helmet to Tikal, who can't survive without Wiseman's essence. From that point onward, Gunz joins the heroes as they try to stop the villains once and for all. In Season 32, Gunz is replaced by a Skrull agent while the Heroes of Legend are on their way back from Soleanna.

Bakugan CollectionEdit

Haos Reptak (Guardian Bakugan) [Shares with Naruto Uzumaki and Dan Kuso]

Haos Combustoid (Reptak's Battle Suit)

Haos Doomtronic (Secondary Battle Suit)

Haos Chromopod (Mechtogan)

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