SilverSurfer shs

The Infinity Sword being wielded by the Silver Surfer

The Infinity Sword is the trademark weapon of The Dark Surfer, and later Zombie Wasp's weapon as a Hero of Legend, and an important item in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.


The Infinity Sword was a sword of outstanding power, to the point where it can used even if it is broken. When combined with the Infinity Gauntlet, the Infinity Sword was a force to reckoned with.

However, the Infinity Sword had a negative effect as well. The user of the Infinity Sword starts to get corrupted by the sword's power, and it appeared to drive people into insanity as The Dark Surfer was seen talking to it as if it was alive and Zombie Wasp acted as if the Infinity Sword was her child. This effect of the Infinity Sword also caused its user to become a "Dark" version of themself when combined with the Infinity Gauntlet. The Infinity Sword is later destroyed by Gohan after he and the other Dark Heroes of Legend synchronized with the creepypasta essence within them, releasing Zombie Wasp from its negative influence. However, Dr. Eggman had Classic Metal Sonic save the remains of the Infinity Sword so he can repair it. However, Mecha Sally leads Zombie Wasp to the Infinity Sword, prompting her to try and get it back, repairing the Infinity Sword in the process.

Victims of the Infinity Sword's corruptive effectsEdit

  • The Dark Surfer
  • Zombie Wasp


  • The Infinity Sword is the first Hero of Legend weapon to be destroyed.
  • According to E-123 Omega, the Infinity Sword wielded by the Dark Surfer and later Dark Wasp may be a fake, since the Dark Surfer is a clone of the original Super Hero Squad Silver Surfer.
  • The heroes don't like the Infinity Sword because of its corruptive effect.

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