Inuyasha is the titular character of Inuyasha and a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He is pulled out of his own time by Master Hand and Crazy Hand to compete in Smash Bros., which he reluctantly agrees to. Ironically, he learns he is being cut from the roster in the future, but is still trapped regardless. Inuyasha helped the heroes during Season 7 in rounding up the Chaos Bakugan. After this, he vanished for a while. Inuyasha reappears in Fight to the Finish, where he is seen looking at the dark skies when he hears someone approaching and prepares to attack, only to see it is just Sonic the Hedgehog. Inuyasha soon learns of Samus Aran's descent into madness and how she is becoming more and more unstable, and agrees to help the Heroes of the World in the final showdown against Samus.


  • Inuyasha is the second character to have the least amount of screentime, the first being Cell.

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