Anthony Stark (Earth-80920)

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the main protagonists in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He and Wolverine lead the heroes in the battle to end the apocalypse, though his role begins diminishing after the Heroes of Legend acquire the Smash core and the Pandemonium core. Iron Man battles Dr. Doom in Season 13, but is defeated and turned into a trophy. However, he is freed by Naruto Uzumaki, Gohan, Ben Tennyson, Azula, William Dunbar, Donkey Kong, and Fabia Sheen and Iron Man, along with Wolverine, Alice/Masquerade, and Ness watch the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke Uchiha. Later on, Iron Man and Wolverine meet up with Captain Falcon, Solid Snake, and Zelda after Seto Kaiba warns everyone about Samus Aran and Yami Bakura. Iron Man is soon ambushed by Samus, Yami Bakura, Razanak, Thrax, and Infinity Mecha Sonic. During the chaos, Iron Man is possessed by Razanak. He is released from Razanak shortly after as a request from Yami Bakura.


Originally, Iron Man's appearance was based off his appearance in Iron Man: Armored Adventures. After fusing with his undead counterpart, Iron Man's appearance changed to his appearance in Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes due to his Zombie counterpart being an adult. Even after splitting from Zombie Iron Man, Iron Man's appearance has not changed back.


  • Iron Man and Ben Tennyson are the only characters whose appearance changed due to aging.

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