Jesse Anderson

Jesse Anderson

For the Gundalian with the same first name, see Jesse Glenn.

Jesse Anderson is a close friend of Jaden Yuki. Jesse was mentioned in the first arc of Season 16, when Jaden saw the Crystal Beasts in Noah Kaiba's card collection. However, Noah states that Jesse is okay, and that there are more than one copy of a certain card.

Jesse makes his debut in Season 20, when Pikachu recruits him to help fight the Akatsuki. Jesse recruits Axel Brodie and Jim Crocodile Cook, thinking they could help as well. Jesse then waits on Earth during the final battle with everyone else. During Season 21, Jesse duels alongside Joey Wheeler and Zane Truesdale against Samus Aran, but is defeated and sent to the Shadow Realm.


Jesse uses a Crystal Beast deck, focused on getting all 7 Crystal Beasts on the field so he can summon Rainbow Dragon.

See Jesse Anderson's Decks on Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki for more information


  • In Super Smash Bros. Crossover, it appears that Jesse hasn't seen Jaden since the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, as he stated he hasn't seen Jaden in a while.
  • Jesse is the first of the Overseas Champions to participate in a proper duel.

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