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Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty)

I will DESTROY you!

-NER Jigglypuff's catchphrase

Jigglypuff (Not Exactly Royalty) is a new character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. NER Jigglypuff first appears in We need a new Link and Zelda with Marik from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged saying they need a new Link and Zelda. During the start of Season 14, NER Jigglypuff becomes a member of the Pecking Order and makes a few changes, such as removing the "no going to the bathroom unsupervised" rule, adding a theme song, and making the Pecking Order a serious threat. NER Jigglypuff acts as a secondary antagonist in Season 14. In Season 23, NER Jigglypuff is revealed to be a creepypasta. Later, NER Jigglypuff is killed when Fabia Sheen devours her completely. In Season 29, NER Jigglypuff comes back through unknown means, as she is seen arguing with the other villains. NER Jigglypuff is later erased from existence after the Heroes of Legend gain Master Hand's power to create life and worlds.


  • NER Jigglypuff is the first character whose profile image is fanmade, as well as the first to choose her profile image, saying it was perfect.
  • NER Jigglypuff is female, but has a very demonic voice.

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