Jinzo's card

Jinzo is the spirit of the same card and was a major antagonist in Season 14 as he was the partner of Pandoria. Jinzo made his debut during the duel between Yami Bakura and Pandoria as Pandoria's signature card. Jinzo's spirit form would always appear when Pandoria would select one of the Heroes of Legend as her next victim, but he never actually fought again until the Season 14 finale. Jinzo turned the battle/duel into a Shadow Duel/Battle. When Jinzo was summoned, he managed to hinder Naruto Uzumaki and Yami Yugi by preventing their usage of Trap Cards, and he would hold Pandoria's Duel Disk when she would fight Naruto and Goku physically. When Jinzo was destroyed, it caused Pandoria to become more vicious as during the time Pandoria was waiting, Jinzo appeared before her and gave Pandoria her deck, and the two eventually became best friends. Pandoria manages to revive Jinzo from the graveyard, but he was sent back. As Pandoria died, she said to Jinzo she was sorry for failing him. Afterwards, Sasuke Uchiha took Pandoria's deck after he was revived, and Mutant Elfin said they were going to be best friends, to Jinzo's horror. Jinzo becomes an antagonist again when Sasuke defects from the Heroes of Legend, and subsequently becomes a protagonist again when Sasuke redeems himself.


  • Jinzo is the first Duel Monsters spirit to appear in Super Smash Bros. Crossover.
  • Jinzo has so far only belonged to characters that were antagonists at certain points.

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