Joey Wheeler

Joey Wheeler is Yugi Muto's best friend and a main character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover starting with Season 17. Joey first appears when he is kidnapped by Yami Bakura in Season 15. Later, Joey is brainwashed by Sephiroth, but is freed when Naruto Uzumaki defeats Sephiroth. In Season 17, Joey is kidnapped by Seto Kaiba, who is possessed by Nightshroud, along with Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor, and Ryo Bakura, in order to force Yugi to duel him without Yami Yugi. Yugi is able to win, but Joey is the only one of Yugi's friends who isn't possessed by Nightshroud as a result of Yugi losing Life Points, with the exception of Bakura who escaped because he didn't want to be possessed again. Joey later meets up with Naruto while looking for Yugi, but is soon challenged by Ganondorf. While Joey is able to hold his own, he learns that Nightshroud modified Kaiba's deck, which Joey combined with his own after Yugi and Kaiba's duel, meaning that Nightshroud can possess Joey through Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon. Eventually Joey is unable to resist Nightshroud, but he manages to remove Kaiba's Blue-Eyes White Dragons and Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon from the game and gives them to Naruto. Afterwards, Joey is possessed by Nightshroud after apologizing to Yugi. Joey is freed when Nightshroud is exorcised from Kaiba. In Season 21, Joey is blackmalied by Samus Aran into dueling her or else Samus will kill his sister, Serenity. Joey duels against Samus in order to save Serenity, and Zane Truesdale and Jesse Anderson duel alongside him. However, Samus manages to defeat them with Headless Knight, and Joey, Zane, and Jesse are sent to the Shadow Realm as a result of losing.


Joey's appearance is based off his look during Dawn of the Duel.


Joey's deck is based off his Battle City deck.

See Joey Wheeler's Decks on Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki for more information.

After Yugi's duel with Kaiba, Joey borrows Kaiba's deck and combines it with his own. He later returns it to Kaiba.

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