Kabuto Yakushi

"See HELL."

-Kabuto's clone's final words to Batman after destroying his reputation.

Kabuto Yakushi is a central character in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. Initially Orochimaru's right hand man, Kabuto has begun operating under his own agenda since Sasuke Uchiha's absorption of Orochimaru and Midna, and has become one of the primary antagonists of the series.


Early ChildhoodEdit

Kabuto's past is shrouded in mystery due to suffering from a head wound and amnesia. Kabuto's earliest childhood memory is being found on the outskirts of a destroyed village by a nun named Nono Yakushi, who treated Kabuto's wounds with medical ninjutsu and brought him to her orphanage. Shy and reserved, Kabuto did not speak to anyone or thank Nono for her kindness, prompting a fellow orphan, Urushi, to question Kabuto on whether or not he had any manners before slamming a bucket on Kabuto's head to protect his healing wounds. When Urushi stated that Kabuto's lack of a name (Kabuto's amnesia left Kabuto with no knowledge of his identity) was annoying, Nono gave Kabuto his current name after the helmet. Later that night, Kabuto felt guilty about not thanking the nun and got out of bed to find Nono, only to get in trouble with the other wards for being up past his curfew. When the wards took Kabuto to a clock to teach him the curfew time, it seemed like Kabuto was too young to tell time, but Nono recognized that Kabuto was squinting and lent him her glasses, allowing Kabuto to impress the other caretakers by correctly determining the time of the curfew despite his young age. Since the orphanage couldn't afford glasses for Kabuto, Nono allowed Kabuto to keep hers, causing Kabuto to break down in tears, repeatedly thanking Nono as she comforted him.

Working for Root and Joining OrochimaruEdit

Over the years, Kabuto would be taught various medical skills by Nono to the point where he was eventually able to assist her in healing wounded shinobi, earning money for the orphanage in the process. It was here that Kabuto first met Orochimaru, who asked Kabuto if he wanted to become a shinobi, stating that the role would suit him, but Kabuto declined. However, after eavesdropping on a conversation Nono had with Danzo Shimura and hearing the latter's demand for an orphan in exchange for funding, Kabuto instead accepted the offer and became a member of Root. From that point onwards, Kabuto was tasked with infiltrating various hidden villages, including those of the Five Great Shinobi Countries. During one such assignment in the Hidden Stone Village, Kabuto was forced to flee after his cover was blown and unwittingly attacked his "mother", Nono, in the process. With Nono unable to recognize Kabuto even as he healed her injuries, Kabuto began to question his identity and purpose when he was once again approached by Orochimaru. Orochimaru explained to Kabuto that his unfortunate encounter with Nono was engineered by Danzo himself since Kabuto has become an asset too dangerous for Root to handle due to his status as an accomplished spy, therefore needing to be eliminated. Orochimaru also pointed out that Kabuto is already losing track of his own true self due to his amnesia and constant changing of his identity due to his role as a spy. Orochimaru also explains to Kabuto that Nono was also double-crossed by Danzo into believing that Kabuto was released from holding and was living a civilian life in exchange for assassinating another person, who was the real Kabuto. Orochimaru then informed Kabuto that he was supposed to ensure that both Kabuto and Nono died, but he defied his mission as he saw a bit of himself in Kabuto and felt that killing Kabuto would be a waste of talent. Distraught by this information, Kabuto attempted to attack Orochimaru, but joined Orochimaru as his right hand man after Orochimaru promised Kabuto a new identity. 

Encounter with Midna and Primal DialgaEdit

Some time after joining Orochimaru, Kabuto was helping Orochimaru at one of their hideouts when they heard a loud noise, prompting Kabuto to investigate the source of the noise. Kabuto eventually found an injured Midna at the entrance to the hideout. Confused about who Midna was, Kabuto brought Midna to Orochimaru, who revealed to Kabuto that he met Midna while he was travelling the world and gave her his book on Ascent Mode. After her recovery, Orochimaru took Midna under his wing, and Kabuto contributed to Midna's development by teaching her skills in medical ninjutsu, presumably feeling sympathy for Midna due to his own past. However, when Midna defected from Orochimaru's side, Kabuto requested that he track her down, which Orochimaru allowed. During this time, Kabuto used Midna's diary, which she left behind in her haste, to record her movements and the identities of her allies. Kabuto eventually tracked Midna down to the Space Colony ARK, where he learned that she secretly learned Orochimaru's personal techniques before her defection. After being teleported back to Earth, Midna reveals her intentions to Kabuto and taunts his inability to stop her, prompting Kabuto to try to attack her only to be intercepted by Ghirahim. Midna and Ghirahim then flee, but Kabuto notices the ruins that Midna brought him to and goes inside, where Kabuto discovers Primal Dialga. Frozen in fear at first, Kabuto recalls that Midna drew a picture of a Dialga and holds it up to Primal Dialga, allowing him to understand Primal Dialga. Kabuto then learns of the Midna Virus and Midna's plan to become the new Creator, and puts Midna's diary within his clothes so that he can remember everything in the next cycle.

The Dimensional WarEdit

During The Dimensional War, while Orochimaru goes to the Brawl Spectator Society HQ to visit Midna, Kabuto returns to the ruins where Primal Dialga was sealed and encounters Link. After telling Link to bring Midna's diary to the Dimensional Leaders, Kabuto heads to Primal Dialga's seal only to see that he is no longer there. Realizing Midna is about to release the Midna Virus, Kabuto interrupts the battle between Ben Tennyson, Gwen Tennyson, and Kevin Levin to fill them in on the situation and tells Ben to contact the other Heroes of Legend and have them stop their battles while telling Kevin to find Link, and has Gwen carry him out afterwards. Unfortunately, Gwen and Kabuto are shot down by Mecha Ino, who captures Gwen despite Kabuto's attempt to stop her. Kabuto is subsequently possessed by the Midna Virus when Midna activates it completely, but is cured by the Heroes of Legend and flees with Orochimaru.

Return of Solaris and Alliance with Sonic.exeEdit

After Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru and Midna's souls, Kabuto integrates their remains into his body as part of his plan to become the "perfect warrior", and forms an alliance with Obito Uchiha to accomplish this task through Sasuke. Eventually, Sasuke confronts Kabuto in order to revive Midna to fight Solaris. Although Kabuto is able to keep up with Sasuke, Kabuto is defeated and has his absorbed power taken back by the revived Midna. Kabuto is then taken by Orochimaru to head to the Egg Carrier, but when Starly fully transforms into Solaris, Kabuto uses the distraction to form a Phazon copy of himself to fool Orochimaru and escape to plot his next move.

During his retreat, Kabuto is approached by Sonic.exe, who reveals the full truth of the Smash World's history to him and offers to restore Kabuto's power to a level greater than it was before. With this new information in mind, Kabuto resolves to remake the world in everyone's image, but in order to do so, he needs Sonic.exe to help him reunite the Revolutionaries by reminding them of the evil of the Creator. Intrigued by Kabuto's resolve, Sonic.exe provides Kabuto with his own DNA before leaving to carry out his plans. As a result of his research, as well as Sonic.exe providing Ino Yamanaka with the ability to change between her human and roboticized forms at will, Kabuto comes to the conclusion that the EXE Virus, roboticization, the zombie plague, the cannibal virus, and the vampire transformation is part of evolution, and learns that Sonic.exe can choose where people go when they die. However, Kabuto realizes that he needs to test the EXE Virus to make sure it is safe for the user before his plans of evolution can succeed, and asks Sonic.exe to have the former Wiseman infect the Heroes of the World when the time is right so he can put the Heroes of Legend in a situation that will result in their own infection by the "cure" he intends to create and plan the deaths of the Heroes of the World at the same time, with the ultimate intention of gaining the Revolutionaries' sympathy by justifying his actions with the promise of making their dreams become a reality while crushing the Heroes of Legend's resolve as the Heroes of the World's support is what gives the Heroes of Legend the will to keep fighting despite their resentment of their status as heroes. However, Kabuto realizes that he can't succeed with his plans as long as Master Hand is sealed off and out of his reach. As a result, Kabuto begins to plan a situation that will end in his own death, intent on making sure his actions will make Sonic.exe sentence him to wander the Smash World for eternity while having the Heroes of Legend absorb his spirit when they remake the Smash World in a desperate attempt to return to their peaceful days before they die, which will allow Kabuto to possess Master Hand. Kabuto also begins to plan a way to escape the Plane of Non-Existence if he should fail, which involves ressurecting Light Yagami and orchestrating a situation where Male, Female, and Giga Bowser will take him to the Plane of Non-Existence to resolve it.

Heralding the EvolutionEdit

In Season 36, Kabuto is incarcerated due to his actions by The Revolutionaries, but is liberated by the villainous members of the organization to meet up with the other villains. When Sasuke states that Infinity Titanium Mecha Sonic's idea of an alliance will not work, Kabuto agrees and reveals that Blaze, Gunz LazarLena Isis, and Tikal are infecting the Heroes of the World with the EXE Virus as they speak, making an alliance completely unnecessary. Kabuto is then brought back to the Egg Carrier to return to his prison cell, where Kabuto takes control of the flow of the EXE Virus mist to infect Bulma, Chi-Chi, Kalinka, and Dr. Lalinde as well to see how the Heroes of Legend will react. Kabuto then takes the infected Heroes of the World to his hideout, where he makes them undergo various forms of torture in order to learn the Heroes of Legend's deepest and darkest secrets. After successfully gaining the information he desires, Kabuto heads to Dr. Robotnik's abandoned base and begins to put his plans into action by ordering the computer to make it so he can choose between his normal form, his EXE form, or being roboticized, which the computer does. Reborn and repowered, Kabuto creates several "cures" and gives them to the Heroes of Legend to use on their friends, only to reveal that the "cure" merely gives the Heroes of the World the same abilities he has, and proceeds to use the "cure" on the Heroes of Legend, with the exception of Sonic the Hedgehog due to his dislike of Sonic.exe.

Final ActEdit

Following the final battle between the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World, Kabuto informs the League of Villains that there is still a chance that the Heroes of the World are on their side, and then has Sonic.exe infuse the DNA sample he acquired from Venus, a DNA sample from Android 18, and a DNA sample he takes from Patient Zero into him to add a Vampire, Zombie, and Cannibal form to his arsenal, which is subsequently granted to the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World due to the "cure". Finally having perfected the "Kabuto Virus", Kabuto then tells the villainous Revolutionaries to rejoin the organization under the premise that they're giving up. After they leave, Kabuto teleports to the Heroes of Legend's Castle, and injects Sonic, Sasuke, and Metal Sonic with the "cure" for his plans, and then proceeds to seal the psychic connection Sonic.exe has with all EXEs so he can't confirm if the Heroes of the World are still on the League of Villains' side. Kabuto then proceeds to raise the Heroes of Legend's Castle up so no one can enter it, and then proceeds to teleport the rest of The Creator's TriuneThe Offspring of Zorc, Starly, and Zero to the Heroes of Legend's Castle, and then teleports Dark Sonic, the combined form of the High Minds, to the Castle and proceeds to absorb Dark Sonic. Kabuto then reiterates his intention to remake the world in everyone's image, prompting Roy to state that Kabuto is just as insane as Sonic.exe and Madara Uchiha. However, Kabuto shrugs Roy's insult off and asks the Heroes of Legend if the League of Villains were really insane, stating that Sonic.exe, Madara, Obito, and Mechtavius Destroyer were merely heralding the evolution of the Smash World and that they were attempting to unlock everyone's potential. Kabuto then reveals that he has effectively been manipulating both sides to fufill his plans, and declares that he is initiating the final phase of his plans as he has Metal Solaris absorb every Dimensional Cycle. Kabuto then tells the Heroes of Legend that the current reality is about to disappear as a new, perfect reality takes its place, and engages the Heroes of Legend in battle. During the battle, Kabuto uses his Vampire, Roboticized, Cannibal, Zombie, and EXE forms in an attempt to overpower the Heroes of Legend to the point where they would be forced to use their own "evolutions", and even kills Sasuke in the conflict. However, upon Metal Solaris' declaration that he has reached the original Master Hand, Kabuto flees in order to complete his plan, but is pursued by Naruto Uzumaki, the ressurected Sasuke, BowserKirbyPrincess PeachMario, and Shadow the Hedgehog. Deciding to end things once and for all, Kabuto engages the group in combat, stating that he will not allow them to ruin his plans. Kabuto is ultimately defeated, but is taken by the equally battered Sonic.exe to his base, where Sonic.exe leaves him to carry out his plans.

The Rebirth of The Revolutionaries, Preparations, Exposed, and DeathEdit

Kabuto later recovers from his injuries and lures Goku to the battle between Naruto, Sasuke, Zero, and Sonic against Sonic.exe, Bowser, and Princess Peach. When Naruto, Zero, and Sonic lure Sonic.exe away from Smash City, Kabuto summons a cannon to awaken Zero's true self while destroying Sonic.exe in the process. Unfortunately, Kabuto's plan is thwarted by Bass, who expresses his digust at how everyone has fallen. Regardless, Kabuto begins to put his master plan into action by providing the Justice Lords with a reason to sanction off a portion of Smash City, which is named EXE City, and lock the Heroes of the World within it. Kabuto and the villainous Revolutionaries then begin to assault the Heroes of Legend, before Kabuto decides to call off the attack, stating that things will be settled in EXE City. While the Heroes of Legend head to the Revolutionaries' HQ, Kabuto approaches Iron Man, who is struggling to find a cure for the Kabuto Virus, and tells Iron Man to gather the Heroes of the World while revealing that he will eventually die himself. When the Heroes of the World, with the exceptions of Blaze the Cat, Lena IsisGunz Lazar, and Tikal, arrive at HQ, Kabuto duplicates the Heroes of the World's memories and implants the memories within copies of the archives containing their exploits, promising them a chance to reunite with the Heroes of Legend after they are reincarnated, and gives them the location of the Revolutionaries' HQ so that they could fight the Heroes of Legend one last time. When the Heroes of the World ultimately die from the Kabuto Virus, Kabuto uses this event, along with Gwen's despair at Kevin's death, to effectively reunite the Revolutionaries under their original goal of overthrowing the Creator, intending to betray the Revolutionaries when they confront Master Hand. However, Kabuto is overheard discussing this with Sonic.exe by Broly, who leaks the information to the reborn Heroes of the World so that the Heroes of Legend will eventually find out, unaware that Kabuto planned for Broly to hear him. At some point prior to his death on the Space Colony ARK, Kabuto contacts XANA and promises to return William Dunbar to XANA if the malevolent computer program replicates his consciousness and implants it within the Kabuto Virus along with the archives, which XANA does in the hopes of regaining control of William, giving Kabuto the means to achieve immortality and become a god. When the Heroes of Legend subsequently reveal this in front of the Revolutionaries, Kabuto fully admits to his involvement in orchestrating the Heroes of the World's deaths, and impales Sonic so he can take the Chaos Emeralds and bring them to Shadow, who has gone insane due to everything that has happened. However, Kabuto's plan supposedly backfires when Shadow reveals he has no intention of helping Kabuto lure Master Hand out before shooting Kabuto at point blank range. When the Heroes of Legend begin to persuade Shadow to abandon his goal of revenge, Kabuto uses the opportunity to escape. While evading the sight of the Revolutionaries, Kabuto begins to have a mental breakdown, unable to comprehend his defeat, before coming to the conclusion that the cycle of hatred will continue as long as he exists. Realizing that his existence was acknowledged at the very least, Kabuto transforms into each of his "evolutions" and kills them by depleting his roboticized form's energy, impaling his vampire form with a wooden stake, impaling his cannibal form's heart out with the same stake, severing the brain cord of his zombie form, and asks Sonic.exe to crush his heart in his EXE form. Upon successfully completing this task, Kabuto is found by the Revolutionaries, and explains that he wanted to put an end to the suffering of every living being by making a world where they could be happy. Mortally wounded, Kabuto resists Ino Yamanaka's attempt to heal him, and asks the Revolutionaries if they enjoyed the sense of freedom he helped them experience, smiling upon hearing that they did enjoy it, and then asks Sonic.exe whether or not he will go to heaven or hell. When Sonic.exe tells Kabuto that he will not go to heaven or hell and will wander the Smash World as a spirit for eternity, Kabuto smiles, content with his fate. With his identity finally established, his purpose fufilled, and his consciousness implanted within XANA's program, Kabuto collapses and dies from his wounds, happily accepting his fate with the knowledge that his plans will go unhindered.

Beyond the Grave and DestructionEdit

Even after his death, Kabuto continues to be a major antagonist to the Heroes of Legend and the Heroes of the World, and his plans are revealed in full detail. Following the Heroes of Legend's battle with the Revolutionaries after the recreation of the Smash World, Kabuto contacts Batman through the program containing his consciousness that he put within the Kabuto Virus with XANA's help, which Batman was analyzing to learn what the Heroes of Legend were hiding. Kabuto then informs Batman that he intends to have the Revolutionaries force the Heroes of Legend to succumb to the Kabuto Virus, which will cause the Kabuto Virus to spread across the Smash World, prompting Batman to unite the Smash World's heroes to stop the Revolutionaries from destroying all life in the universe. However, the Heroes of Legend extract the Kabuto Virus from the Smash World in their final moments after Sonic.exe commits suicide to force the Revolutionaries to surrender and cause the Heroes of Legend to die due to their names being writen in the Death Note with the conditions altered by Sonic.exe. With the Kabuto Virus extracted from the Smash World, the Heroes of Legend succumb to the Kabuto Virus and die, which allows Kabuto's spirit to invade Master Hand's domain and possess him. Now in control of the Creator, Kabuto ressurects the Heroes of Legend with the Kabuto Virus intact while posing as Master Hand and tells the Heroes of Legend to prepare the Smash World for his return, secretly intent on eliminating the Heroes of the World to prevent them from hindering his plans while destroying the Heroes of Legend's credibility forever. However, Kabuto is severed from Master Hand by an empowered Krillin, and is subsequently destroyed by the Heroes of the World, who remain unaware of Kabuto's contengincy plan to escape the Plane of Non-Existence.

Violent Return and Second DestructionEdit

Unfortunately, Kabuto knew he would lose, and deliberately revived the Heroes of Legend with the Kabuto Virus still intact beforehand so that they could reveal how much they cared about the Heroes of the World's safety, intending for the Heroes of the World to be motivated to start a peace project known as Project: Utopia, which would actually create the ideal world that Kabuto desired. Intending to be revived to rule over his ideal world, Kabuto implanted this information in the program containing his consciousness in order to deceive the Revolutionaries into restoring their ranks to full power so their battles against the Heroes of Legend would generate enough power for XANA to revive him. Eventually, when Midna uses the Death Note to kill Mello and leave the Heroes of Legend under suspicion of being involved in the event, Kabuto reveals to Batman his involvement in Project: Utopia and taunts Batman about how the Heroes of Legend aren't so different from Midna, prompting Batman to confront the Revolutionaries alone, which results in the Heroes of the World rushing to Batman's aide. When Sonic.exe realizes this as well, he enters the Internet to confront Kabuto. Kabuto then proceeds to belittle Sonic.exe for his change in morals, prompting Sonic.exe to reveal to the public Kabuto's instigation of Project: Utopia and the Heroes of Legend's inability to stop Kabuto as well as how they feel about their status as Creators. However, Kabuto planned for this, and reveals to Sonic.exe the Heroes of Legend's subsequent mental breakdown and gunning by Touta Matsuda while emphasizing Princess Peach's pain due to Sonic.exe's confession of how important her safety is to him, sending Sonic.exe into a rage as he begins blasting Kabuto in an attempt to destroy his consciousness, which gives Kabuto the energy he needs to revive himself. Now fully revived, Kabuto separates from XANA while leaving a portion of his consciousness behind along with a clone of himself, and proceeds to unleash a feedback wave upon the Heroes of the World and the Revolutionaries and tells them to say their final goodbyes, as he is going to eradicate them permanently. However, the Heroes of the World refuse to succumb to Kabuto, especially after the Heroes of Legend (who escaped their surveilance to help the Heroes of the World) allow their allies to defeat Kabuto, ultimately culminating in Kabuto being beaten to the point of being unable to stand. Unable to accept defeat, Kabuto desperately begs for help, having completely lost his sanity, but to no avail. Kabuto is then sentenced to imprisonment in EXE City for his crimes, but the Heroes of Legend, who have begun to lose their own sanity, use the Death Note to kill Kabuto by making him bleed to death. Upon realizing what is happening, and hearing Shadow the Hedgehog maliciously taunt him, Kabuto embraces death with the knowledge that the Heroes of Legend are going to continue passing judgement on the Smash World, and taunts the Heroes of the World and the Revolutionaries by stating that the nightmare is just beginning and dies while laughing evilly.

Starly's Revenge, Return, and The "Death" of The Dark KnightEdit

After Batman convinces the Heroes of Legend to put the welfare of the Smash World before their own desires and helps them close the Subspace portal, Starly reveals to Ryuk that she salvaged Kabuto's DNA to create millions of lifeless clones of Kabuto's body, and that she is working with XANA to repair the remainder of Kabuto's consciousness that XANA purged from itself in order to use Kabuto as a weapon of revenge against Naruto and Sasuke, much to Ryuk's delight. However, Kabuto's clone secretly reawakens on Lyoko during this time, ressurecting Kabuto once more. Kabuto then contacts Superman and informs him of Starly's plans to reveal to the Man of Steel that no matter what the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and the Justice League do, Kabuto will always return from the dead, and states his intentions to become the god of his utopian world. Kabuto then proceeds to use a specter to duplicate and steal a portion of Batman's DNA Code and leave a seed within the Dark Knight, and begins to communicate with Batman after the Heroes of Legend leave him to investigate the loss of the part of Batman's DNA Code, applauding Batman for convincing the Heroes of Legend of the error of their ways and revealing how to access the archives as well as fixing the flaw in his plan, and reveals his intentions to rematerialize himself as well as Starly's plans, much to Batman's horror, and reveals that the seed gives Kabuto the ability to take control of Batman, stating that he intends to use Batman as his way of monitoring the Smash World and Subspace and serve as a way to keep Kabuto from being destroyed without killing Batman, sarcastically calling himself a second personality to Batman. Kabuto then hijacks one of the Towers that XANA is using to restore Kabuto's consciousness in order to materialize a clone of Batman through the stolen DNA with the goal of obtaining the archives and delivering them to Starly to complete the restoration of his consciousness and have Starly awaken her Kabuto clones to serve as a distraction so that the real Kabuto can rematerialize himself without Sonic.exe's knowledge. Dubbing the Batman clone as Miller, Kabuto sarcastically tells Batman to play nice with Miller and proceeds to watch the conflict against Miller until Starly obtains the archives, where Kabuto begins to rematerialize himself while everyone is distracted with Starly, Miller, and Kabuto's clone. Upon successfully rematerializing, Kabuto begins to ruthlessly attack Batman while shrugging off all attacks from the Heroes of Legend and the Revolutionaries before Batman finally responds to Kabuto's attack by removing his personal restraints and sends Kabuto flying. Unfortunately, Kabuto is unphased by Batman's counterattack (although he does applaud Batman for actually injuring him) and unleashes his deadliest attack, the Eclipse Destroyer, on Batman. Kabuto then knocks the battered Batman down after he climbs out of the crater made by the Eclipse Destroyer and unmasks him to reveal Batman's true identity as Bruce Wayne to the public, before delivering a final punch to Batman, which apparently kills Batman. When an enraged Shadow attempts to kill Kabuto in response, Kabuto begins laughing evilly while taunting the Heroes of Legend for abandoning their path of revenge against the Smash World and mocking Sonic.exe for letting him kill another person before fleeing with Miller to plan his next move.

War of the Worlds, First Defeat, and the Return of KiraEdit

With the Justice League and the Heroes of Legend now hellbent on killing him, Kabuto heads to Apokolips, where he convinces Darkseid (via intimidation) to help him detonate the Subspace Bomb Factory in order to repair the link between the Smash World and Subspace so that the League of Villains can launch a full-scale destructive attack which will culminate in Kabuto ruling over the Smash World and Subspace as its new god. Kabuto then recruits Male and Female, Giga Bowser, BENZombie Zelda, and Jen to help out with the invasion, aware that the Justice League and the reserve members of the Heroes of the World will try to stop Darkseid. Kabuto and Miller then confronts the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and the Revolutionaries in Subspace, where Kabuto effortlessly brutalizes his adversaries alone until Darkseid successfully restores the link between the Smash World and Subspace. Kabuto then continues his assault, with the arrival of Superman and even Kabuto's damaged consciousness, having learned the truth of his status from Starly and feeling content with the current Smash World's state, self-destructing his body not doing much to change the situation, until Batman arrives, the latter having been put into a coma rather than being killed, and blindsides him. Kabuto then gets assaulted by Superman, who declares that none of the heroes will surrender while acknowledging that their morals have allowed Kabuto to succeed until now and states that they are removing their moral limitations just this once to defeat him, and sends Kabuto all the way to Smash City. However, Kabuto is barely affected by Superman's attack, and proceeds to launch another Eclipse Destroyer on Smash City, albeit a weaker version since Kabuto doesn't want to destroy the Earth, which ultimately destroys the entirety of Smash City except for Itachi Uchiha's Memorial Statue. Kabuto is then attacked by the future version of Seeker Surrow, but he effortlessly overpowers her. Kabuto then sadistically proceeds to torture Seeker by knocking off her sunglasses, exposing Seeker's blindness, so that she can't react properly to his attacks and injures her to the point where she begins squeaking like her mother, Zenet Surrow, does when she is hurt, much to Kabuto's sick amusement. However, Kabuto is then attacked by an enraged Kirby, who attempts to break Kabuto's neck for hurting his neice. Kabuto is then briefly overpowered by the Heroes of Legend and their allies until he decides to unveil his true power, and demonstrates it by shooting a beam through Jill Sheen, Necrosis Haruno, Neon, Dusk, Nathan, and Seeker. Unfortunately for Kabuto, this sends the Heroes of Legend into a rage, and they begin to brutally retaliate against Kabuto by torturing him, with Gohan even "accidentally" killing Kabuto in the process (The Heroes of Legend were refusing to kill Kabuto deliberately). However, Kabuto is able to ressurect himself thanks to Batman still having the seed within him, revealing that the seed takes away a few years of Batman's life to revive Kabuto if he dies. Enraged at the humiliation, Kabuto prepares a combination of Naruto's Rasengan, Sasuke's Chidori, Goku's Kamehameha, and Vegeta's Big Bang Attack to destroy the Earth, which turns out to be the event that killed Red in Seeker's timeline, but it is deflected back at him by Gohan, altering history and saving Red's life. Realizing he cannot win, Kabuto exploits a taunt given by the Heroes of Legend about using Batman as his way of maintaining immortality by stealing the DNA Codes and implanting seeds within the Justice League and the Heroes of the World, although Kabuto is unable to implant seeds within Obito Uchiha and Gwen Tennyson due to Obito lacking most of his own DNA and Gwen's Anodite form not having DNA to steal, and decides to not implant seeds within the Revolutionaries after Sonic.exe forces him out of his body. Kabuto then attempts to implant seeds within the Heroes of Legend, but discovers that there are two DNA Code pools in the Heroes of Legend as a result of their split personalities. Unphased by this, Kabuto enters both DNA Code pools, but is viciously assaulted by the Dark Heroes of Legend persona, which scares Kabuto into fleeing from the Heroes of Legend's bodies. Defeated, Kabuto returns to Lyoko to plan his next move, having ensured his immortality is more effective via his seeds. Kabuto then talks with his damaged consciousness, who addresses the hypocrisy of Kabuto's actions while comparing him to Kira. Attempting to justify his actions by stating that the Smash World is full of monsters only for his consciousness to point out that he created those monsters, Kabuto resolves to ressurect Light Yagami in order to determine if his actions are truly justified. Upon materializing, Kabuto is greeted by Obito, who requests that Kabuto helps him eliminate Midna, Ghirahim, Gardevoir, and the Dimensional Leaders with the promise of allowing Kabuto to rule the Earth, which Kabuto accepts on the condition that he is allowed to do what he wanted to get done first, and then proceeds to find Light and ressurect him. After a revived Light states that Kabuto isn't wrong to want to eliminate his enemies and rule his utopian world, Kabuto leaves to carry out Obito's request, only to see that he no longer has to due to Midna dying from old age. The next day, Kabuto is ordered to accelerate timed bombs that Obito planted in the Heroes of Legend's castle and the Egg Carrier, which he does while barely escaping with Ryuk, and then proceeds to battle alongside the Revolutionaries against the Heroes of Legend, who begin to lose control and ruthlessly defeat the Revolutionaries. After the battle ends, Superman tells Kabuto to look at what he has put the Heroes of Legend through by taking the Heroes of the World away from them and how he has done to the Heroes of Legend what Danzo did to him, causing Kabuto to question his own actions briefly. However, Kabuto ultimately resolves to finish what he started, and battles alongside the Revolutionaries against the Heroes of Legend, Batman, and Superman, and casually reveals how the Smash World has turned against the Heroes of Legend after they reveal their nihilistic side, before retreating to Subspace to plan for the next assault.

Conflict with Bills, Ressurection, and the Final Phase of the PlanEdit

When Male, Female, and Giga Bowser reveal that the Heroes of Legend killing Master Hand's offspring caused the seal on the God of Destruction known as Bills to break, Kabuto retreats to Lyoko with the intent of waiting for Bills to destroy his enemies. However, when Male, Female, and Giga Bowser take the Revolutionaries to the Plane of Non-Existence, Kabuto's contengincy plan is put into effect when Light notices the box containing Kabuto's soul, which triggers an energy blast that Kabuto implanted within Light's right eye when he revived him that destroys the box and releases Kabuto. Kabuto then explains to the Revolutionaries how he planned everything in advance for his ressurection, although Kabuto adds that he didn't intend to release Bills as he had no knowledge of his existence and didn't have a specific scenario for his ressurection in mind, and reveals how he orchestrated the Heroes of Legend's fall from grace by showing how he tortured the Heroes of the World for the Heroes of Legend's deepest and darkest secrets. However, Kabuto is then attacked by an enraged Sonic.exe after he realizes that he no longer needs to hold back for Princess Peach's safety, and sends Kabuto flying before knocking him down like a meteor. Unfortunately, Kabuto uses the smoke caused by the impact to return to his body on the Space Colony ARK, but not before telling Sonic.exe how he has won since Sonic.exe's only way of killing Kabuto would be to kill the people who have his seeds implanted within them which includes Batman and Superman, the only people that are keeping the Heroes of Legend sane, and cruelly says that while he won't die for a long time, he'll see Sonic.exe in hell, and returns to his body on the ARK and proceeds to watch the titanic clash against Bills. After Bills' defeat, Kabuto contacts Batman after he correctly guesses that Kabuto is on the ARK, and states that he is going to allow the Heroes of Legend and their allies to recover from the battle with Bills, but that he won't be so merciful in their next encounter. The next day, Kabuto, realizing that the war has dragged on for too long, orders his clone to steal the Chaos Emeralds to power the Eclipse Cannon, with Kabuto's intent being to use the Eclipse Cannon in order to destroy Gotham City and Metropolis so that Batman and Superman will come after him in order to get revenge, which will allow Kabuto to infect them with the Kabuto Virus and ultimately kill them for good, driving the Heroes of Legend over the edge for good, and prepares a freezing chamber so that he can cryogenically freeze himself just in case so that he can succeed in a timeline where the Heroes of Legend have long since passed away. However, Kabuto's artificial consciousness informs Batman, Superman Naruto UzumakiSasuke Uchiha, and Sonic the Hedgehog of Kabuto's plan, as he feels that everything that has happened since Subspace was sealed off is unneccessary. Kabuto's clone is then confronted by the Heroes of Legend, Batman, and Superman, who prepare to fight Kabuto in order to stop his plans once and for all. Unfortunately, Kabuto is able to steal the Chaos Emeralds from the Heroes of Legend with the help of Vilgax, and fires the Eclipse Cannon on Gotham City and Metropolis despite Batman and Superman's attempt to stop him. Kabuto then battles against Batman and Superman while successfully injecting the Kabuto Virus within them, and attempts to provoke Batman and Superman into using the power of the Kabuto Virus in order to accelerate their deaths. However, Batman and Superman refuse to give in to Kabuto, and manage to overpower Kabuto long enough to drill him towards Subspace while burning up during the reentry. Sadly, Kabuto is able to survive while Batman and Superman succumb to the Kabuto Virus, and proceeds to taunt the Heroes of Legend for letting Batman and Superman die before retreating to the ARK. Upon returning to the ARK, Kabuto enters the freezing chamber in order to conquer the Smash World in a time after the Heroes of Legend have passed away, and instructs his clone to finish the final phase of his master plan in his place. As the freezing chamber cryogenically freezes him, Kabuto thanks Orochimaru and Midna for helping him establish his identity and reflects on his alliance with Sonic.exe while shedding a tear at how he alienated himself from Sonic.exe, who Kabuto viewed as a friend, and tells the Heroes of Legend that he'll see them in hell.

Project Armegeddon and Final RevengeEdit

Following the deaths of Batman and Superman, Kabuto is inactive for a while as he watches the events unfold from Lyoko, and expresses frustration when the Heroes of Legend, rather than seek vengeance on the Smash World for Batman and Superman's deaths like Kabuto intended, gain control of their split personality. Later, when a mentally unstable Gwen reveals to Ben Tennyson that the seeds Kabuto implanted within the Justice League and the Heroes of the World will sprout if the host feels despair and the host's tears will release the Kabuto Virus within the atmosphere, Kabuto applauds Gwen for figuring out how he had prepared a back-up plan in case the Heroes of Legend didn't give into their anger while musing over the fact that no one will believe Gwen due to her insanity. Kabuto then materializes himself in front of the remnants of the League of Villains while declaring that armegeddon has begun for the Smash World. During Project: Armegeddon, Kabuto battles against the Heroes of Legend, Batman, Superman, and the Heroes of the World on his own until the Revolutionaries decide to stall Kabuto long enough for them to flee. However, once the Revolutionaries are the only ones present, Kabuto is blackmailed by Gwen to cause enough destruction to pave the way to the Plane of Non-Existence or she will use the antidote to the Kabuto Virus she has developed to ruin Kabuto's plans, with Kabuto agreeing on the terms that he will act of his own accord. Kabuto later clashes with Sonic.exe in a titanic battle across EXE City until Superman destroys the Egg Carrier, and Kabuto's plans begin to fall apart when Mega Man X stands up for his beliefs and gives Shadow the Hedgehog the antidote that Gwen created, which Shadow uses to cure the Justice League and the reserve Heroes of the World. Desperate, Kabuto engages in one final conflict with the Heroes of Legend and the Justice League Unlimited, but is brutally defeated by Naruto Uzumaki as his future self is obliterated by Zero's future self. Battered and broken, Kabuto retreats to Lyoko to recover and warns everyone present that he will return. Shortly after this, the original Kabuto is located in the Antartic by a pair of Skrulls, who he proceeds to vaporize after they release him from the cryogenic freezing chamber before freezing himself again as the pod teleports to Subspace. Later, the weakened clone Kabuto electrocutes Whis while he is chatisizing Gwen, and proceeds to possess Gwen as a temporary vessel while putting Gwen under his control. After Gwen abducts Ben Tennyson and Kevin Levin, Kabuto proceeds to exploit the psychic link he and Batman share to bring Batman's mind to a shadowy plane, where Kabuto reveals his intentions to have Gwen put Ben and Kevin under his control so that they can steal the codes to the Revolutionaries' military equipment and launch missiles across the Earth after eliminating Batman, Superman, Zero, and Sonic.exe, which will cause the Heroes of Legend to revert to their psychotic state and cause destruction across the Smash World in an act of revenge. However, when the Justice League Unlimited arrives at Midna's hideout (due to Midna possessing the codes), Kabuto takes full control of Batman's body and reveals that he intended to launch the missiles while impersonating Batman, much to Batman's horror, and restrains Batman so that he can't break Kabuto's grip on Batman's body while revealing that he has merged with XANA due to an override program being installed within Kabuto's artificial consciousness. When Zero convinces Midna to give him the code due to his own suspicions of Batman's odd behavior and the Justice League Unlimited returns to the Heroes of Legend's castle, Kabuto has Batman's body attack Naruto, Sasuke UchihaSonic the Hedgehog, Zero, Superman, and Sonic.exe while stealing the codes from Zero. Kabuto then commits his cruelest act ever by launching the missiles across the Earth, effectively wiping out everyone on it and convincing everyone except Superman, Zero, Sonic.exe, the Joker, Harley Quinn, and Light Yagami that Batman was manipulating the Heroes of Legend for his own gain. Kabuto then adds insult to injury by making Batman's body use Batman's emergency gun to shoot Sasuke, which enrages Batman enough to make break free of his restraints as he proceeds to viciously assault Kabuto for destroying the Heroes of Legend's trust in him and for making his body break his own moral code to the point where he snaps Kabuto's neck to induce paralysis. Unable to move, Kabuto's clone proceeds to taunt Batman for still not being able to kill him while explaining that his secondary motive for using Batman to launch the missiles was to get revenge on Batman for ruining his plans and destroying his immortality, as his brutal defeat severed Kabuto's clone's connection to his seeds. Kabuto's clone then explains that Project: Armegeddon has only just begun, and reveals that when Bills fought with the Light of Good, he infected him with some of his energy which has developed into hatred and a lust for power, explaining that the reason why Solaris and Aleena.exe turned out the way they did and why Gwen went insane after Kevin died from the Kabuto Virus was due to genetics. Knowing the original Kabuto will awaken eventually and having exacted revenge on Batman, Kabuto's clone tells Batman that he will see him in hell before snapping his neck completely, resulting in the destruction of Kabuto's clone. However, after the Heroes of Legend reunite following what they viewed as Batman betraying them, Zombie Wasp sits on a pile of rubble which slides out from under her, accidentally unearthing the cryogenic freezing pod containing the original Kabuto, which the Heroes of Legend decide to take with them for what is to come.


Kabuto's primary appearance is based off his original appearance in Naruto: Shippuden. During the time that had passed since Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru and Midna up until Sasuke released Orochimaru and Midna, Kabuto's appearance changed to his Fourth Shinobi World War design due to having absorbed Orochimaru and Midna's remains.

Due to having merged with XANA, Kabuto's current appearance consists of an outfit identical to that of William Dunbar's Lyoko outfit while under XANA's control. In addition, Kabuto also has the Eye of XANA on his forehead as well as in his pupils occasionally. On Lyoko, Kabuto's appearance is unchanged from his new outfit in the real world, except that the Eye of XANA in his pupils is constantly present, and his eyes are the same color as Gigadark Bowser and Sonic.exe's eyes. At full power, Kabuto also had six black angel wings, although they were destroyed by the Heroes of Legend.


In contrast to most villains, Kabuto is calm and focused, as he remains confident that he will succeed in his goals even after being defeated countless times. Kabuto is also a very sadistic individual, as he has no problem with giving his power to the Heroes of the World as he knows they will remain corrupted by it and then injects the Heroes of Legend with his "cure", the Kabuto Virus, which eventually kills the Heroes of Legend and fills the Revolutionaries with despair and hatred that leads to Master Hand's demise, and usually takes every opprotunity he can to mock his enemies for their weakness or allowing him to manipulate them, especially evident with Batman, and is even willing to torture his enemies to get what he wants. Despite this, Kabuto is disturbingly polite, as he never talks rudely to anyone unless he is provoked. According to himself, Kabuto is also honest to a fault, as everything he says turns out to be true in the end, as shown with the existence of the Midna Virus and his own death, although the latter was due to Kabuto gaining the ability to see into the future. In addition, if Kabuto ever finds himself needing to repay a debt to someone, he will go out of his way to do so even if he doesn't like what the person wants, a trait passed onto Kabuto's clones.

Kabuto also shows signs of having a nihilistic side to his personality, as he considers the current reality worthless. However, Kabuto also possesses a god complex in the fact that his genetic alterations have effectively made him as powerful as a god. Kabuto is also arrogant, as he constantly reminds his opponents when he overpowers them about the "rules of combat", which is basically Kabuto saying he has an advantage over them, although what sets Kabuto apart from other villains is that he is willing to acknowledge his mistakes, usually because he can remedy his mistake afterwards. Upon rematerializing himself, Kabuto's nihilism and god complex reaches a new level when he calls Batman a fool for not giving up while he had the chance, stating that people like Batman never fufill their ambitions and ultimately die, and mercilessly beats Batman to death to set an example for the Smash World, who viewed Batman as their savior, all while calling himself a god. Even after being ressurected, Kabuto's nihilism remains intact, as he constantly stated during his fight with Batman and Superman that the Smash World is decaying and the Heroes of Legend are needed to destroy the Smash World so that a new one can take its place. Kabuto has recently shown that he is also a vengeful person, as he orchestrated a plan that would not only cause the Heroes of Legend to revert to their vengeful mindset, but also destroy Batman's credibility as an act of revenge towards Batman for ruining his plans.

Unlike most villains, however, Kabuto has no interest in conquering the world, instead wanting to remake it to suit everyone else's desires so that their suffering will end and his existence will be acknowledged, his motivations for the former being to prevent others from suffering what Sonic.exe had to suffer and the latter being due to identity crisis. However, Kabuto's actions make him look like a psychopath to everyone else, the only exception being Coredegon, who is interested in seeing the outcome of Kabuto's plan. Kabuto's cruel methods even sicken Sonic.exe, who is just as sadistic as Coredegon. In addition, Kabuto also has a sense of honor, as he happily accepted his inevitable defeat and death, whereas other villains would refuse to accept their defeat, although this is later revealed to be a part of Kabuto's plan. In the end, Kabuto's only goal is to be acknowledged by the world and establish his identity by remaking the world in everyone's image. Unfortunately, Kabuto's god complex has made him come to the conclusion that he is the only one suited to rule his utopian world, and is willing to kill anyone who tries to oppose him even if they are beneficial to his plans, with Kabuto's own consciousness comparing Kabuto to Light Yagami due to this complex. Despite this, Kabuto is willing to accept humiliation upon realizing that his actions were the final breaking point for the Heroes of Legend's sanity, although this was once again a part of Kabuto's plan as he planned ahead for his return, as he would later become enraged when the Heroes of Legend managed to humiliate him.

Kabuto is also a master manipulator, as he was able to fool the Revolutionaries into thinking he wanted to make their dreams a reality, successfully convince the Bakugan belonging to the Heroes of Legend that he was Master Hand, constantly trick Batman into inadvertantly causing the Heroes of Legend to suffer, and ressurected the Heroes of Legend with the Kabuto Virus intact so that their inevitable deaths would inspire the Heroes of the World to start Project: Utopia.

Kabuto has recently been shown to possess a sense of humor, albeit a sadistic humor, as he jokingly told Batman that he could consider him as a second personality after revealing to Batman that he can take control of Batman at any moment, and then told Batman to play nice with Miller after materializing Batman's clone, and even went into a casual explaination of how he made Miller different from Batman while calling Coredegon's use of the Wiseman persona to frame Gunz a cliche.

Following the destruction of Gotham City and Metropolis, Kabuto's calm demeanor vanishes and he becomes obsessed with bringing about the destruction of the Smash World, as he acts more agressive towards Batman and Superman in an attempt to make them succumb to the Kabuto Virus, which will fill the Heroes of Legend with despair and hatred, and then proceeds to taunt the Heroes of Legend after Batman and Superman die from the Kabuto Virus for abandoning their hatred in an attempt to make them take out their anger on the Smash World for taking Batman and Superman, the only people who still acknowledged them for who they are, away from them, showing just how insane Kabuto has become.

Like Midna, Ghirahim, Sigma, and Ganondorf, Kabuto always has a back up plan, and he even has plans for ressurecting himself planned out in advance due to his omnipotence, which is why Kabuto is able to survive and even cheat death.


With Kabuto's death, the Kabuto Virus was completely eradicated, with the Heroes of Legend containing the last traces of the Kabuto Virus upon resetting the Smash World.

However, Kabuto's death also inspired the Revolutionaries to carry on his legacy by remaking the world in everyone's image no matter what, evidenced by Mecha Sally's willingness to kill Sonic despite her feelings for him and the other Revolutionaries' lack of care about the fact that the ones they care about are revived, only intent on fufilling Kabuto's plan. Sonic.exe even states to himself that he believes that Kabuto planned this out in advance, which is revealed to be true as Kabuto's goal was to cause the Heroes of Legend to die and allow his spirit to possess Master Hand.

Even after being erased from existence, Kabuto left an A.I. containing his consciousness within the Kabuto Virus, which essentially allowed him to live on as a program after Batman analyzed the Kabuto Virus. Kabuto would then proceed to continue what he couldn't accomplish in life and set into a motion a series of events that would lead to his ressurection during Project: Utopia. The ressurection would remain short, however, as Kabuto was quickly defeated by the Heroes of the World before being finished off by the Heroes of Legend with the Death Note.

Unfortunately, Kabuto's death also symbolized the destruction of the Heroes of Legend's sanity and morality, as the deaths of the Heroes of the World caused the Heroes of Legend to become disillusioned with the Smash World, believing it to be rotten and requiring that they pass judgement upon it, and expressed sadistic delight upon killing Kabuto permanently, with Shadow even destroying the hollow shell of Kabuto's ressurected body and cruelly mocking him for his failure. Kabuto even realized this and accepted his fate knowing that his actions have left the Smash World with an eternal scar. Kabuto's death also set into motion the events that would herald his return as well as the Heroes of Legend, the Heroes of the World, and Batman's permanent banishment in Subspace.

Following the destruction of Kabuto's clone, Gwen Tennyson has absorbed the clone's essence and XANA's power, while the real Kabuto is cryogenically frozen in a freezing pod which is currently in the Heroes of Legend's possession.

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