Kirby (Silly Melee Universe)

Who's a Kirby, I'm a Kirby

-Kirby's catchphrase

This version of Kirby is one of two that hail from the Silly Melee Universe. Kirby and Crazy Finger Samus moved into Brawl during Season 9.


Unlike Kirby and Psycho Kirby, the Kirby of the Silly Melee Universe is red, as he thinks pink is a lame color.


Kirby was originally a resident of the Silly Melee Universe, where everyone was silly. When the tier wars began, Kirby was always the hero who would save the day. During Season 4, Kirby briefly crossed over to Brawl in order to save Marth from his world. Kirby returned to Melee afterwards. Later, Kirby and Crazy Finger Samus moved to Brawl permanently. During Season 16, Kirby reunited with Mario, who was exiled for nearly destroying Melee but had a change of heart, and let Mario live with him and Crazy Finger. In Season 17, Kirby, Mario, and Crazy Finger Samus reunite with Jigglypuff as well, and learn about Razanak and what's happening in their world.

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