Kracko is a resident of Smash City and a villain in training. Kracko serves as one of Sasuke Uchiha's (later revealed to be Coredegon) new allies during Season 20. Kracko first appears being bullied by Jr. Troopa when Sasuke breaks up the fight. When Jr. Troopa mentions the Battle Armor, Kracko says that he has a bad feeling about it before getting dragged along to get it. Following Season 20, Kracko remains in Smash City, and provides energy to the heroes whenever they need it from the entire multiverse.


Kracko's appearance is based off his appearance in the Kirby series.


Kracko is portrayed as timid, but eager to become a true villain, as he gives up his Saturdays to go to Cocoon Academy. Jr. Troopa mocks him for this. However, Kracko has morality, as he stated he had a bad feeling about getting the Battle Armor.

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