430px-Darkus Linehalt2

Darkus Linehalt

Darkus Linehalt Open

Linehalt in Ball Form

Linehalt is the Guardian Bakugan of Ren Krawler and a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover. He is the last of the Dark Bakugan, a species of Bakugan that possess a "Forbidden Power". In Season 13, Linehalt traveled with Naruto Uzumaki after Ren is killed, and reunites with Ren at the end of the season. Linehalt has 900 Gs and his Battle Gear is Boomix. In Season 24, Linehalt went to Neathia with Ren, Sakura Haruno, Pichu, and Bowser in order to stop Fabia Sheen from turning the Neathians into cannibals, but is killed by the unexpected arrival of Mechtavius Destroyer. Linehalt's death is undone thanks to Drago altering history by killing Mechtavius Destroyer in the past.


  • Linehalt is the only Darkus Bakugan used by the Heroes of Legend that was born naturally, since Infinity Helios was created from Helios DNA and Drago's DNA, and Horridian is artificial.

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