Link (Not Exactly Royalty)

Wait. If you only need one Link, then why are we both here?

-N.E.R. Link breaking the Fourth Wall

This Link hails from Not Exactly Royalty. He was added into Super Smash Bros. Crossover along with Brawlgasm Link to fill the void left by Link following his betrayal. Unlike Link, N.E.R. Link is very lazy. N.E.R. Link and Brawlgasm Link meet up with Naruto Uzumaki and Super64, but the Links wander off while they put Pichu back in the infirmary. N.E.R. Link and Brawlgasm Link find out that there is a tournament going on and there is a team system. They go to register, and encounter Zelda and Infinity Mecha Sonic, who are registering as well. Before they leave, N.E.R. Link gets kissed on the cheek by Zelda. The Links are frozen in fear and when the Pecking Order arrives, they tell them where the duo went, prompting Zombie Zelda and N.E.R. Jigglypuff to pursue them. The Links then fill in Super64 and Naruto on what happened.


Unlike Link, N.E.R. Link wears a blue outfit.


N.E.R. Link is pretty lazy, but when he's awake he has the same quirks as Brawlgasm Link. N.E.R. Link also argues loudly with Brawlgasm Link.


  • N.E.R. Link is the first Link that speaks with an accent as N.E.R. Link has a British accent.
  • N.E.R. Link doesn't use censorship when he curses.

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