Lucario is a main protagonist in Super Smash Bros. Crossover, starting in Season 10 where he helped Master Chief escape from Razenoid. He later reappared in the second arc of Season 20. Lucario moved to Smash City with several of the heroes. During the events of the first arc, Lucario is oddly absent. During the second arc, Lucario reveals his Ascent Mode, having unlocked it offscreen. Lucario only battled once in Season 20 so far, against Yami Zelda with some of the others. Lucario also assisted in trying to distract Yami Bakura during the beam struggle, but was swatted aside. After Yami Bakura is killed, Lucario states the Smash Core is cleansed of evil and that the dark aura around Yami Zelda is gone. Lucario later returns in Season 22 where he meets Master Chief again and is he asked to help him find Tikal whom was captured, Lucario sends him the coordinates to Master Chief and helps him locate Mechtavius Destroyer. In Season 29, Lucario enters the Neo Smash Champion Tourney once again, but is humiliated during his first match due to the amount of teams at the Bridge of Eldin, when he had only expected to fight Team Falcon, Team Dedede, and Team Peach. After the Heroes of Legend save Lucario from being killed, Lucario retreats to the mountains where he is approached by Sasuke Uchiha, who is searching for Giovanni. During his discussion with Sasuke, Lucario decides he is through with being a hero if it means letting others protect him, and narrowly avoids death when Sasuke unexpectedly transforms into a copy of Coredegon, and retreats with Team Meta Knight and his own teammates after Sasuke leaves to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, leaving the Heroes of Legend at the mercy of the Nomadic Mechtogan. However, Lucario has second thoughts about this cold act, and has Rosalina take them to the Hidden Leaf Village to help defend it against Sasuke.


  • Lucario is similar to Mewtwo, as both are extremely powerful, and act as mentors to the heroes.
  • Lucario is by far the only character who can sense if someone is good or evil.
  • Lucario's defeat in his first match of the second Neo Smash Champion Tourney mirrors what happened to Meta Knight in the first tournament. However, rather than murdering the Heroes of Legend's loved ones, Lucario merely left them to die at the hands of the Nomadic Mechtogan.

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